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Ammo Mods (also here are good cheats)
Caboose666  posted on Apr 27, 2014 5:43:29 AM - Report post

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So Mass Effect in the end has some pretty cool cheats and ways to edit it. For instance, if I start a new career and character, I like to just execute a text file or a few from the console - You can place .txt files in the Binaries folder and execute them ingame. Because it is a mess to type "giveall" and then have a cluttered inventory, and there are items you might want multiples of.
So I for instance place these in a text file:

giveitem self 10 qa_supergun manf_geth_weap
giveitem self 10 gethgun_shotgun manf_geth_weap
giveitem self 10 gethgun_antitank manf_geth_weap
giveitem self 10 gethgun_sniper manf_geth_weap
giveitem self 10 assault_rifle Manf_Spectre03_Weap
giveitem self 10 shotgun Manf_Spectre03_Weap
giveitem self 10 pistol Manf_Spectre03_Weap
giveitem self 10 sniper_rifle Manf_Spectre03_Weap
giveitem self 10 bioamp manf_serrice_bioamp
giveitem self 10 omnitool manf_serrice_omnitool
giveitem self 10 x_armor_combatexo
giveitem self 10 x_armor_kineticexo
giveitem self 10 x_armor_medicalexo
giveitem self 10 x_gammo_he
giveitem self 10 x_wammo_sledgehammer
giveitem self 10 x_wammo_inferno
giveitem self 10 x_wammo_he
giveitem self 10 X_WAmmo_Cryo
giveitem self 10 X_WAmmo_SnowBlind
giveitem self 10 X_WAmmo_Polonium
giveitem self 10 X_WAmmo_HyperRail
giveitem self 10 X_WGear_HyperRail
giveitem self 10 x_wgear_frictionlessmat
giveitem self 10 x_wgear_combatvi
giveitem self 10 x_wgear_kineticcoil

And ingame I can just type in the console "exec [filename].txt" and there, done, I have only those items now in my inventory.

Okay, now onto my question.
I've noticed that sometimes I get curious ammo mods and weapon mods into my inventory, with no name, just a big X, perhaps some brief description about spectre gear, but often none.
But they can have some pretty novel combination of properties, like increased damage, reduced cooldown, increased force, some toxic damage or perhaps continuous damage, perhaps decreased accuracy in targets, increased accuracy of your own gun -- Mostly only pros, no drawbacks.
When I've managed to get one of these strange hybrid mods into my inventory, they've become valuable to me, and I wish to find some specific commands to gain them, because I honesty don't know what it is I do and write in the console which gives me them, and I am not so keen on using the GiveAllXMods command and having a cluttered inventory again which can even lag the game if used too much without deleting some items in between.
So anyone else noticed these mods and know of how to get them?

Caboose666  posted on Apr 27, 2014 5:53:11 AM - Report post

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Some more cheats for you:
I Also have a Super Armor text file:
giveitem self 10 qasuperarmor Manf_Aldrin_Armor_Hydra
giveitem self 10 qasuperarmor Manf_Aldrin_Armor_Onyx
giveitem self 10 qasuperarmor Manf_Ariake_Armor_Mercenary
giveitem self 10 qasuperarmor Manf_Armax_Armor_Predator
giveitem self 10 qasuperarmor Manf_Batarian_Armor_Partisan
giveitem self 10 qasuperarmor Manf_Batarian_Armor_Skirmish
giveitem self 10 qasuperarmor Manf_Cerberus_Armor_Freedom
giveitem self 10 qasuperarmor Manf_Cerberus_Armor_Hoplite
giveitem self 10 qasuperarmor Manf_Devlon_Armor_Explorer
giveitem self 10 qasuperarmor Manf_Devlon_Armor_Liberator
giveitem self 10 qasuperarmor Manf_Devlon_Armor_Survivor
giveitem self 10 qasuperarmor Manf_Elanus_Armor_Duelist
giveitem self 10 qasuperarmor Manf_Elanus_Armor_Guardian
giveitem self 10 qasuperarmor Manf_HK_Armor_Mantis
giveitem self 10 qasuperarmor Manf_HK_Armor_Predator
giveitem self 10 qasuperarmor Manf_HK_Armor_Scorpion
giveitem self 10 qasuperarmor Manf_HK_Armor_Ursa
giveitem self 10 qasuperarmor Manf_HKShadow_Armor_Janissary
giveitem self 10 qasuperarmor Manf_HKShadow_Armor_Spectre
giveitem self 10 qasuperarmor Manf_Jorman_Armor_Crisis
giveitem self 10 qasuperarmor Manf_Jorman_Armor_Hazard
giveitem self 10 qasuperarmor Manf_Kassa_Armor_Colossus
giveitem self 10 qasuperarmor Manf_Rosen_Armor_Titan
giveitem self 10 qasuperarmor Manf_Sitta_Armor_Phoenix
giveitem self 10 qasuperarmor Manf_Elkoss_Armor_Assassin
giveitem self 10 qasuperarmor Manf_Elkoss_Armor_Gladiator
giveitem self 10 qasuperarmor Manf_Spectre03_Armor

Which, when executed in game (Example:Exec Human.txt), puts in my inventory a bunch of cool strong armors which I can equip on Shepard, Kaidan, Ashley & Liara, because they are By default light human armors (but still with 90+ damage/tech/biotic protection and 8000+ shields, making you more or less immortal).
Unfortunately I have not found a good way to easily give Super armors to Garrus, Tali or Wrex, Wrex is the biggest nightmare with bugs. Using the HumanL, HumanM, TurianM, QuarianL, KroganM commands with the superarmor commands doesn't work, so this is not what can give Wrex a Super armor:
giveitem target 10 KroganH qasuperarmor Manf_Ariake_Armor_Mercenary
I tried placing the KroganH/M after qasuperarmor with no results.
So the only thing which works is By looking at the character you want to give a good armor in game, and then opening up the console and typing something like:
giveitem target 10 qasuperarmor Manf_HKShadow_Armor_Spectre (One of the rare armors which works for Wrex)
giveitem target 10 qasuperarmor Manf_HKShadow_Armor_Spectre
giveitem target 10 qasuperarmor Manf_Aldrin_Armor_Onyx
giveitem target 10 qasuperarmor Manf_Aldrin_Armor_Hydra
giveitem target 10 qasuperarmor Manf_Kassa_Armor_Colossus
The above are some which work and look OK with Tali.
giveitem target 10 qasuperarmor Manf_Aldrin_Armor_Agent
Say, for Garrus for instance.

set bioattributespawnparty m_talentpoints 333
The above one is a treat: It sets the talent points to all active member in squad, Shepard, and the two you've picked to accompany you. You can re'select your squad easily:
ce hench_picksquad
That opens up the squad selection window.

Another cool thing, opening up the Bioinput.ini in your config folder and editing your bindings:
Infinite grenades and medigel:
Bindings=(Name="R",InputMode=BIO_INPUT_MODE_NONE,Command="ThrowGrenade | InitGrenades 9",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)
Bindings=(Name="F",InputMode=BIO_INPUT_MODE_NONE,Command="UseFirstAid | InitMediGel 9",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)
Have permanently your running speed increased:
Bindings=(Name="W",InputMode=BIO_INPUT_MODE_NONE,Command="upgradevehicle 6 vehthrusterforcebooster | upgradevehicle 6 veharmorboost | SetRunSpeed 700 | Repeat MoveForwardBackFixed 1 | Repeat GuiKey BIOGUI_EVENT_CONTROL_UP 0.1 | OnRelease GuiKey BIOGUI_EVENT_CONTROL_UP_RELEASE",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)
The upgrade vehicle is to make the mako stronger and have better thrusters, as I found the command resetting ingame on planets very often and easily, but even this, binding to the forward key, is iffy, I honestly don't know if my Mako is stronger because of that.

Anyway, those are some cheats to make playing this more fun and varied.
Anyone know of those weapon mods which are not standard and most likely result from some misspelling or other "mistake" from spawning it into your inventory?

[Edited by Caboose666, 4/27/2014 5:55:47 AM]

[Edited by Caboose666, 4/28/2014 7:42:01 AM]

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