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Trainer usage questions
knightblade24  posted on Apr 19, 2014 2:32:16 PM - Report post

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I have a few questions before buying a lifetime membership.

1. Is there a limit to how many trainers I can download for personal use, I.E. a trainer for every game I own and play?

2. Once I download a game trainer can it be used offline?

3. Do the trainers I download remain active for me to use for life? If say I download a trainer use it to complete a game, then don't play that game for a year or so, go back to play that game again, will the trainer still be good?

4. I realize trainers have security measures in place to prevent sharing which is totally fine with me. Are your trainers hardware locked to a single pc? If so are the trainers able to be used if my hardware ID changes from upgrading pc components, video card, processor etc?

Thanks for any info you can give me. Really looking forward to getting trainers for all of my games.

techowl  posted on Apr 19, 2014 3:34:46 PM - Report post

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1: No limits, It's called unlimited my friend <3

2: It can, you generate an offline key which will be locked to your HWID, Side-note the offline key will ONLY be used if no internet connection is available on your computer.

3: They remain active forever yes, however if the game has updated, you may need to download the updated trainer, but as answer 1, no limits in downloads.

4: They have security measures yes, they are generated to your computer yes and when it authenticates they can see who uses it. However HWID is generated by your OS, so changing components that doesn't affect your OS won't change your HWID, but also they do not use HWID as a primary security measure, if as one at all.


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Regarding #1, this depends on the level of your account. A trial account can only download trainers for 5 games for 1 month. A yearly account can download an unlimited number of trainers for games that have not patched more than 20 times. A lifetime account can download anything and everything.
knightblade24  posted on Apr 19, 2014 4:29:15 PM - Report post

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K thanks guys for the info, gonna get lifetime tonight or tomorrow, gotta run errands now.
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