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Editing Attrib. points using Cheatengine
QuasiMod  posted on Apr 06, 2014 12:34:00 PM - Report post

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Just wanted to share my notes.

There's a way to change your characters available Stat/Ability/Talent points using Cheat Engine (CE).
Game version, CE version 6.3.

First of all it's preferable you have more than 1 point available to spend in Stat/Ability/Talent pool, the more the better.

Using CE Open EoCApp.exe.
In search box use Value Type - Grouped and press on Generate Groupscan command. Add three 4 byte values, and enter your available points in this order:
1. Available Stat points (for adding to Strength, Dexterity ...)
2. Available Ability Points (for adding to Warrior, Wizard... groups)
3. Available Talent Points (for adding Perks like Opportunist)
Click OK

This should generate search string like: 4:1 4:2 4:0
This corresponds to 1 Stat, 2 Ability, and no available talent points.

A) Press "First scan".

B) Go in game, spend 1 point from any category, and press APPLY button. Take a note of your new available to spend values.

C) Go to CE, Update search string accordingly, for example if you spent 1 Ability point, the search string will be: 4:1 4:1 4:0

D) Press Next Scan...

E) Repeat steps B - D until you are left with 3 addresses.


Double Click on First address, this should add 3 entries to your active address list, change values to desired (First entry is Stat, second - Ability, third - Talent).

Double click on Third found address and, 3 more entries in active list - change values to same as for first address.

You might do the same now with second address - if your points in game reset to original or does not change at all.

I cannot guarantee that the order of these three found addresses will be the same, dynamic memory allocation, no one can be certain. You'll have to experiment.

Hope I helped someone. Wait for trainer or try this if you're not patient like me.

[Edited by QuasiMod, 4/11/2014 4:02:33 AM]

Heas  posted on Apr 07, 2014 2:49:19 PM - Report post

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This is has been very helpful, Thank you very much!
poccy  posted on Apr 09, 2014 3:10:13 PM - Report post

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worked perfectly for my two main characters, when I finished them the other 2 characters went back to the inn in a huff
sjcroft1  posted on Apr 30, 2014 3:49:41 PM - Report post

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This works perfectly so is a good fill in while the trainer isn't being updated due to beta status.

You can also increase the gold on characters by following this route:

Put a stack of gold in the top left corner of a character's inventory - make sure it is ALL of that character's gold.

Open Cheat Engine as above and search for the amount of gold your character has on them (as well as in the stack in the top left).

Split the stack by holding shift and clicking on the stack. Move the part that wasn't in the top left to ANOTHER character.

Search again for the new top-left gold value. Repeat until you have about 5-6 choices left and there have been no changes.

Change the value of ALL the fields to something silly like 999,999,999.

Now one of your characters has a ton of gold, feel free to split it between your other characters.

Take note: you must make sure the amount in the inventory pile is exactly the total amount your character has on them. This is to ensure you're covering your total wealth and physical wealth at the same time for that character.

Izimiger  posted on Jun 24, 2014 11:05:20 PM - Report post

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Hey, there!

Thanks for the tips but I'd like to remark that this doesn't seem to work now. I'm using CE 6.4 on the latest steam version of the game. I can narrow down the attributes to what is expressed in the game. So lets say character A has 1 stat, 2 ability, 1 talent. After finding the right path in CE and setting the desired amount of attributes, the game will reset your additional points every time you hit apply. What that means that after spending 2 ability points (even if I've set 10 on CE) the game resets changes up to 2 ability points. Not sure what is going on here.

I haven't tried to modify gold though so that may still work. Anyways official release is around the corner so I'll just wait for that.

*On further testing I'd like to amend my statement... Seems that this method does work, just that now you have to change 2 of the three groups. One is the physical number or the number being displayed, and the logical which would be the actual value of the attribute pool. So basically when you narrow down the entries on CE to 3 groups, choose the two groups to edit that don't fluctuate their values when you change them.*

[Edited by Izimiger, 6/25/2014 12:42:29 AM]

[Edited by Izimiger, 6/25/2014 12:51:21 AM]

charlie2good  posted on Jun 27, 2014 9:55:46 PM - Report post

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Hello, just signed up to post my findings on this (especially as the full game is out next week and people may be looking for extra info)

First off, the gold trick works fine for me. It does act a little odd in that the game only allows stacks of 99,999, so if you try and split stacks that's the most you can get in a new one. Also, I did put 1 million in my personal sack, then tried to make a new stack and the million reset to 99,999. So be careful.

Second, I couldn't replicate the trick with changing stats & attributes above, but I did find my own way to get around it as you can also find your XP amount in ordinary values too.

Now, it may be tempting to simply put down 3 million XP, and indeed the game initially shows all the stats & attributes are available when you go to level up. But when you do, it all vanishes (just like mentioned above).

However, I've found you can simply set the XP to 1 below the required amount for the next level, then do something to increase your XP, and you get a level. You can even do this during a fight -

1: Set your XP to 1 below the next level
2: Kill an enemy, receive the XP and you level up
3: Tab out, set XP to 1 below again
4: Repeat with each enemy

I'll add the XP levels at the bottom of the post, for you to reference.

The addresses change, but for each character there are three addresses that contain the XP amount. Once you've narrowed it down (not difficult, I usually have it filtered down once I've found the first corpse then killed the first enemy) one of the values is the proper in-game XP - you'll know which one it is because the other two values change to match it.

It's actually quite quick to level up quickly this way - you can get to 20 before entering Cyseal proper.

There is one fairly big drawback with this, though - vendor inventories reset with each level up. That means that if you race to level 20, like I did, you'll find that you're stuck unable to get new skillbooks from them. So I'd recommend spamming your way to level 17, then check the vendors, level up once, check back, and so on. You should get all the good skills this way.

XP levels -
1: 0 - 1999
2: 2000 - 7999
3: 8000 - 19999
4: 20000 - 39999
5: 40000 - 69999
6: 70000 - 111999
7: 112000 - 167999
8: 168000 - 239999
9: 240000 - 329999
10: 330000 - 439999
11: 440000 - 571999
12: 572000 - 727999
13: 728000 - 909999
14: 910000 - 1119999
15: 1112000 - 1359999
16: 1360000 - 1631999
17: 1632000 - 1937999
18: 1938000 - 2279999
19: 2280000 - 2659999
20: 2660000 - I can't remember (didn't bother going above 20)

[Edited by charlie2good, 6/27/2014 9:58:01 PM]

Heas  posted on Jun 29, 2014 8:51:20 AM - Report post

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This has worked flawlessly,
However, I'd like to change some stats in the character creation..
Is that possible?
charlie2good  posted on Jun 29, 2014 9:52:07 AM - Report post

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I found a way to change stats & attribute points in character creation - however, it's all lost once you start playing.
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