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Just some Trainer Ideas
Ang3l  posted on Mar 28, 2014 7:45:37 AM - Report post

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I went ahead and bought the game for Xbox 360 even though I already have it pre-purchased on Steam. Playing through it gave me what I think is an arguably decent grasp of what trainer options would be good.

I figured I would share a few of my opinions and see if we could get a consensus going of what a great trainer for this game would look like (within the realm of do-ability of course).

Looking back at the latest trainer for the original Dark Souls:
-I think we can all agree that bringing the unlimited health and always max stamina options to Dark Souls 2 is top priority.
-Personally I never really used the "easy kills" option from the original trainer so I prioritize it's incorporation into a Dark Souls 2 trainer very low, but that is my opinion. Even after using Bonfire Aesthetics, the enemy health bars were not so large that I desired this option. I'm interested to see if other people got a lot of use out of it in the original game, and if many people want it for the new one.
-If we could once again have the option to add souls, that would be incredible as well. Adding 10k souls at a time like the trainer for the original game did would be phenomenal.
-Since this game uses Human Effigies, there isn't really a need for a unique option to add them, just incorporate that into an item duplication option similar to "mega items."
-Equipment load, unlike easy kills, was an option I used constantly. Playing Dark Souls 2 on xbox I have been able to fairly easily stay under 70% equip load, but an option which set max equip load to 600 or even 999 would allow for much more freedom in gear.
-Many consumables can be purchased from vendors who have an infinite stock, so trying to work out an option to instantly have a large quantity of a particular consumable seems redundant to me. Also, if the item duplication option is made, an individual option specifically for items equipped in the consumable slot wouldn't even be necessary. Again, open to opinions from others on this.
-I actually have an idea to change the attunement slot option. Rather than duplicating a particular spell (which if I remember correctly was still a bit buggy in the original trainer), I wonder if it would be possible to add an option to increase the total number of attunement slots available to the player. Maybe turn it on and you instantly have 30 or so slots available to put spells in.
-An option to turn one item into a stack of that item would (as I said before) be incomprehensibly helpful. Making it fully functional in all menus would definitely make the trainer worth using even if this was the only option.
-I remember the save position/teleport being very finicky to use in the trainer for the original game. Honestly, between the difficulty of creating this option and the large quantity of bonfires in Dark Souls 2, I don't really see this as being an option that would get used enough to justify the effort of incorporating it into the trainer. Again, just my opinion.

Ultimately, were gonna get what were gonna get. Caliber is a outstanding trainer designer. I am sure he will get us what he can after the game releases and he has an opportunity to actually create/test the trainer. I'm hoping that this discussion will make that task easier on him, not harder.

CloneSRT10  posted on Mar 28, 2014 10:12:03 AM - Report post

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I think the trainer should have all the previous features, it was perfect. As soon as the PC game launches, there will be lots of save editors to complement what the trainer lacks, and the PvP will be crappy again (people don't know when to stop...).
I'll try to beat the game without any kind of cheats first, that's the point of the Souls series, the difficulty, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't have the trainer C:

I believe the CH Team know what they're doing, and since this is going to be a lot bigger than the first game, they'll put that extra effort we've seen in the Payday 2 Trainers.

bigred411  posted on Apr 10, 2014 3:50:41 AM - Report post

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I think I would love a save editor or a stat editor. Would be fun!
Animus  posted on Apr 12, 2014 12:38:24 PM - Report post

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I would like an editor released to ideally pick how much souls id like and to add items etc
all2surreal  posted on Apr 22, 2014 9:01:16 AM - Report post

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Hi. I would very much like to see at a very least a maximum souls feature in the trainer. Thanks!
thegrube  posted on Apr 23, 2014 4:51:23 PM - Report post

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originally posted by outwar6010

I would like an editor released to ideally pick how much souls id like and to add items etc

I like the regular trainers better then the editors, CH does both on a lot of big games, which would be super.

vampirechick  posted on Apr 23, 2014 5:40:12 PM - Report post

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the combo trainer that was used in AC4 was great, this could be the way to go as a comprimise for those who want a trainer and or an editor as well
LordJB  posted on Apr 24, 2014 1:33:35 AM - Report post

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Health and stamina, adding souls would be nice as well and possibly somehow having unlimited usable items like effigies and crafting materials.

Stats, soul level and soul "memory" level might be useful although if you can add souls it will take care of stats anyway and I think they cap to 99 regardless, soul level isn't all that important although memory has a use for a door later on (When you have a million of them.) though it can be opened by other means from what I've read and along with soul level it's mainly for online gaming which the trainer won't focus on.
(Offline mode might be recommended but I guess it depends on what anti-cheat measures they use if any, if all it takes is a cheat-engine script then hacking will unfortunately be pretty common in multiplayer.)

Increased speed, negating falling damage or being able to teleport or fly could be useful too if we're just trying to come up with various ideas for a trainer, invisibility would be fun too if at all possible.

Can't think of anything else, for this game primarily souls, stamina and health and I would be set though more options are always welcome when possible.
(Playing through it normally at least once and maybe using Cheat-Engine on New Game+ modes for crafting materials if needed.)

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