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Basic Noclip
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    TsunTsunx24 posted on Mar 08, 2014 6:20:10 PM - Report post
    Not sure where to post this, but if someone wants to walk through walls on the 64-bit version of Thief v1.2, I have the cheat tables for Cheat Engine here:


    Cheat Engine allows you to bind "increase value" or "decrease value" to keys, so I did just that. (Using numpad, so it may interfere with the official trainer, although you can change the hotkeys.)

    How to build a more advanced NoClip:



    The yaw axis (horizontal rotation) of the thief player prop seems to be right next to the coordinates. (It's a 2 byte value.) Seemingly enough, the value is the same as the camera yaw axis. If you search for that value, you will get about 10 addresses, one of them is the camera:


    You will know it's the camera when another address highlights red as you look up and down.

    Disabling Player's Gravity:

    This one is fairly easy.

    Find DefaultGame.ini in Thief/ThiefGame/Config.

    Find this field:

    ;Gravity Factor when falling
    mGravityFactor = 1.0

    Change mGravityFactor to something stupid like 8675309.0, save it.

    In Cheat Engine, set to Float > Rounded (Default), and search for 8675309. You will get about 3 addresses. Add them all, set them to 0. Climb up a crate, and jump off. Change each one to 1 until you fall down.

    So what?:

    Using some async iskeydown stuff in any programming language (I personally like C#), you could easily put together a noclip using WASD keys. The hardest part would be to figure out how to combine the pitch & yaw with trigonometry to calculate the proper direction of movement and subtracting that from coordinates.

    Except I'm lazy so.

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    kx11 posted on Mar 23, 2014 9:11:59 PM - Report post

    i hope someone can spent some time and update it to 1.3
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