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  interesting post by caliber at deviated
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    Kavvman posted on Feb 26, 2014 3:02:52 PM - Report post
    So caliber made an interesting post on deviatedhacking on our(my) Thief trainer a while ago. Here's what it read
    a stealth option added yesterday.. interesting.....

    too bad I cannot examine and compare... would be interesting to see...[/quote]

    I removed his post because it wasn't in the correct thread or section, he is welcome to post it again in general discussion as that is the correct place for such topics.

    So if i am understanding this correctly, i am being accused of stealing CH's stealth option ?. Pretty bold accusation considering

    1. I am the first person on the whole planet earth to make a trainer for thief first before anyone else...before the game was even released officially (thanks to my sources), i could accuse CH of stealing because they released later.

    2. I don't even own a CH subscription and PWizard or anyone in charge of handling paypal/monetary thing can confirm this. If there is anyway to grab CH's trainers without a subscription, trust me i would look for another trainer instead of letting you steal all my personal information with your sneaky trainers.

    3. I am the founder of DEViATED and it is pretty insulting. It is like taking a **** at what dEViATED stands for and ****ting on our hard work that we have done from 2006.

    4. If i was so desperate to steal because i had amnesia and suddenly forgot how to make a simple stealth option, i would have stolen from other trainers on the web instead of CH. You guys at CH apparently can't keep track of time anymore. You are the last persons to make a trainer for this game when everyone and their mother had already made one even ****** made one.

    If i am just assuming things and caliber didn't mean what i think he meant then i kindly request Caliber please refrain from posting such "loaded" messages on our forums.

    I am pretty sure this thread will be deleted when Pwizard sees it so Chris, please take care of this **** yourself. I won't take kindly to this kind of useless accusations and arguments again and certainly won't be so calm when bull**** like this happens.

    Thank you,
    Founder DEViATED Networks
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    Caliber posted on Feb 26, 2014 4:32:26 PM - Report post
    lol.. look who came in to visit our house and then puked all over everything. a fellow trainer seller who once gave CH hell because we sold our work. my how the self righteous have sunk to capitalist lows, huh?

    wow! so someone pooped in your corn flakes, eh? what a gross over-reaction. DID YOU READ WHAT I ACTUALLY WROTE!? but since you "went there", does this mean you will send me a copy of the trainer for examination? thanks! I am happy to compare my notes, how I arrived at the location, and the code, are you?

    couple things, since you buzzed in here all puffed up..

    first, nobody posted that STN stole our work... and since you deleted the original posting, nobody can even see WTF we are talking about.

    1) looks like STN (what exactly is a STN?) HIMSELF posted that the stealth option was added YESTERDAY and I clearly saw your post AFTER we posted our trainer. now if you SOMEHOW KNOW DIFFERENTLY then apparently it's YOU that is looking at everyone else's work, now isn't it...

    2) our sneaky trainers don't take anyone's personal information, and nobody should be sharing their trainer anyways. but feel free to prove your baseless accusation or simply STFU instead. you sound like hax0r, and it's really beneath you.

    3) who cares here at CH if you founded deviated!? I have no idea what deviated stands for and neither does 99.999999% of the members who are on this site. Deviated NETWORKS!? WTF? most of the scene stands for ripping off people's work (like games and such) and posting it for free (you know, those "sources" that you used to get the game early, wink wink.) by the way, it looks like you were the LAST person on planet earth to make a trainer for castlevania 2 (posted like 2 hours ago)... tsk, tsk.. (but more options to come, right?)

    4) it's a FACT that people steal and have stolen our options/work. I've proven it time and again. I've caught 2 people this year on forums who recanted their work. YES I check for this sort of activity, even on DVT forums. I have a knack for locating it. I do this because our members are PAYING FOR EXCLUSIVE CONTENT. in fact the MEMBERS often point us to suspicious activity and illegal postings. however, since you over-reacted and went crazy even though I didn't ACTUALLY accuse you of anything, then I have to assume either you DID steal the option, or you simply can't READ where it would LITERALLY be interesting to see how YOU did the option there. I'd apologize that i can see what i wrote could be taken that way and that you took it wrong, but you didn't even follow up and say anything.. you just went from 0 to ahole in 3 seconds. your site isn't really very "friendly" to CH in the past, and has quite a bit of crap, baseless, and patently UNTRUE postings about CH there. but thanks for visiting us.

    it would be nice for once if there was some recognition and respect from the "trainer" scene for the work and skill here at CH, and the fact that we are in fact PLAGIARIZED, MIMICed, and COPIED all the time.

    btw, if this is you being "calm" then please go IV a bottle of vodka or something... I am not sure what you will do in the future if you misinterpret my words or react to my postings somewhere or have a "problem" with CH, but rage on.

    (I am only typing and talking ghetto like this because of what YOU wrote.. normally I am a professional. but we aren't dealing with professionals now are we?)

    everyone else now go back to your normal activity. the raiders with plastic forks have left the gates and are back at basecamp, plotting the next attack....

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    Neo7 posted on Feb 26, 2014 5:08:32 PM - Report post
    I don't see an accusation that you stole code from someone but merely that he was interested in seeing how it was solved. Unless you can show me that everyone interested in seeing code ties a person to an accusation of stealing, this thread is going nowhere.

    Topic Creator: I kindly ask you to administrate your own boards at your own leisure. If you have an issue with one of your users then use PM or e-mail. Keep it off these boards.

    Topic Locked.

    [Edited by moderator Neo7, 2/26/2014 5:40:24 PM]
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