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Sticky Topic  Simple Guide: Using trainer in Banished
woots  posted on Feb 20, 2014 10:31:34 PM - Report post

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I figured since so many people here have been struggling so much with using this trainer, without starving your sims or wasting materials, I would post this guide to show you what to avoid and how to cheat without failing.

It's been mentioned before, but food and firewood are 2 most critical items you can get. If you do not have them your sims go adios quickly.

I also would like to recommend you do not use any other trainer cheat, other than the "*", which auto caps your inventories at 200 items each. Every other item can easily get you into trouble (by deleting items on you if they are not the only item in storage). Using the 200 cheat you can do everything in game you need anyway.

Step 1: Click the "*" trainer cheat right off the bat... and never turn it off and never click any other trainer buttons. This sets your inventories to 200 for each item without going over storage limit in the barns/piles. Your initial stockpile will be overflowed (it is tiny), but later on you can dismantle that stockpile and just a build a new one (build a few 10x10 stock piles around town is what I recommend).

Step 2: Build a Gather Hut, Fishing Dock and Wood Cutter... right away! If you have "*" turned on these 3 things will give you everything your sims need to survive. Assigned 1 employee to each and make sure the buildings are all turned on and working even though they are idle because you are at "cap". This prevents you from messing up catastrophically.

Step 3: Build a few storage barns and stockpiles, this will give you some buffer later on once you activate the market.

Step 4: If you want to build a market for layout purposes early on that is fine...Just Do not activate your market until you have the all the critical infrastructure up to support it first. If you build one... just turn the building work off. Market is how you get in trouble even with the cheat turned on. The sims pull all 200 items out of your storage areas and the trainer can't replenish what isn't there anymore. Later on in game you can turn on market once you have lots of foods, item, material production buildings and people employed at each. That way when you drop down below to zero your production will refill your barns and the trainer will instantly kick it back up to 200, giving you an endless supply.

Step 5: The Trading Post Cheat!
I found an awesome way to get around the Market issue with this trainer. The Trading post has a nice storage space in which items are pulled out of barns and dumped into trading post. Never set the "desired" figure above 199 or the same thing that happens with market will happen here. I personally set ALL trade items to 40. Here is why!

Once you activate market you will start to lose items from your barns as they get vacuum out by the greedy market sims. However, we can use the backup supply inside the trading post as a permanent material battery.

When I go null on some key items (like food for example) I turn off market building. Then go to trading post and set some of those items which were set to a "desired of 40" down to a "desired of 20". The trading post sim now pulls 20 items out of trading post and dumps them back into the nearest barn. If you have "*" turned on, which you should throughout the whole game. Then that 20 will instantly turn into 200 the second it hits the barn. Then go back to trading post settings and click it back up to 40 for all your items. You now have replenished your barns and brought your backup storage back up to 40... you can then turn back on market again.

With proper production of all items you never really need to bother with this trading post trick, but it's nice to have in a pinch if you are missing a specific item for crafting or something.

Final Tip: To get more citizens simply build tons of house.. they will come.

Good luck guys hope this helps.

[Edited by woots, 2/20/2014 10:46:57 PM]

Ashar  posted on Feb 22, 2014 8:18:43 AM - Report post

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Just don't build loads of houses straight away or there wont be enough of eash sex in each bulding to get busy. In one session i built tonnes of houses too early, and my people spread out, and never reproduced, they stayed single, and lived miserable lonly lives.

HappyShaikan  posted on Feb 22, 2014 10:01:59 AM - Report post

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Thats not really true. I had build more then the double amount of what was needed but had build also the herbalist.
Next thing is multiple fooditems to get your people healthy and happy.
With this you won't have trouble to get your people together and geht more workers.
Also build as soon as possible a town hall, as there will arive a bunch of nomads from time to time.
This will boost your workers alot.
quiet_guy83  posted on Feb 22, 2014 5:19:21 PM - Report post

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Town Hall also needs a boarding house, this will let nomads have a place to stay right away. And you can build there homes at your leisure.
Slothic  posted on Feb 23, 2014 3:38:52 AM - Report post

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I really just want to freeze my stockpile, and not my storage. Freezing both, kinda takes the fun out of the game completely for me. Normally i'm all for using cheats. But here, somehow it seems all i will be doing is adding a bunch of stone and iron and coal to my stockpiles.
HappyShaikan  posted on Feb 23, 2014 6:56:34 AM - Report post

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If you want this, you should build stockpiles near your mine/s and let one guy work the mine. Let him put one single iron and coal into it and press your desired key many times. Even if it is overstocked it will be used by your citizen.
Put thousands of coal, iron, wood and stone in this one and you will be fine for decades without using the mentioned key for keeping your items at 200 or 1000. ;-)
Same with wood and stone. Be aware to use a new stockpile with at least 6 fields before doing this.

Only thing is, you will constantly be warned that there is no more place in stockpiles available.

monkeybob101  posted on Feb 25, 2014 8:28:57 PM - Report post

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Having multiple stockpiles & barns not only helps but gives you protection from fire.

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