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Family member with cancer
Supersize  posted on Dec 18, 2013 4:18:57 AM - Report post

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I hope this is ok to post here.

My wife is suffering a very rare form of appendix cancer called pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP).
This cancer killed Steve Jobs and Audrey Hepburn.
She has setup an awareness site due to the lack of surgery options in Australia. if anyone is interested this is the address:
She also has a petition going to try and allow interstate and international patents to see one of the worlds experts in the field Prof David Morris in St George Hospital Sydney Australia. People from the USA, Canada, UK etc were flying over to be treated by him. They have stopped all surgeries other than the local state they are in, and dropped the 12 per month down to 6 per month excluding Dec and Jan.

It was found during the c-section of our new son in July, they removed a lot of the cancerous mucus during the c-section, but it has created more and its now surrounding her liver and she has nodules on her lungs.
She needs a 16 hour op called a peritonectomy, which she has finally got booked for the 16th Feb next year thanks to the local news channels here airing her story.

Its been a hard time, and we don't know if she'll wake up after the surgery, we have 5 kids and we are scared to death.

Has anyone here been through anything simular, how did you cope.
So far its been a lot of worrying late nights and a lot of Captain Morgan to help me sleep.

Would be nice to here from others.

infinite_gamer  posted on Dec 18, 2013 4:38:44 AM - Report post

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I can relate to this.
I lost my father when i was 15 to cancer.
I don't know what type it was.(well it was throat cancer,but i don't know the medical name.)

He fought in Korea.
And,he chewed tobacco,i think the tobacco was a major contributing
factor for his cancer.

He was 45. I'm 43. It really bothers me,because at the time he seemed old,but,in reality he was very young. My age.
I can't tell you it will be O.K.
I can't really say/do anything that you probably haven't heard already.

I can,however offer my ear and let you know you are not alone.
Cancer is a horrible,scary,destructive disease.
All i can say is BE STRONG.
For her,for your children,and,for YOU.

ServiusTheBear  posted on Dec 18, 2013 5:35:00 AM - Report post

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I lost both sets of my grand parents to cancer. It was hard as I liked my mothers perents more. Maybe because of her father being in the war and to talked to me about it. As my fathers father was in it to but never talked about it at all.

Also recently if found out my adopted granny as I like to call her rencently went through an op to remove cancer. Which went well.

I help out with WCG who do have research going on. On different kinds of cancers etc, etc. So I know how it can be hard on you and your family. But all you can do is be there for your loved ones. Be strong even if inside you wana break down and cry like a girl. Some might say that I was giving more of a cold vibe. But inside I was freaking out. So I can stand along side you on how you must be feeling. Even tho I am not am not fully religous. I will still pray for you and your family.

deeppurple  posted on Dec 18, 2013 7:19:29 AM - Report post

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Lost my grandmother when i was 12 from bone cancer,it was horrible,she was a vibrant woman,beautiful,sucessful,intelligent and she was only 53,she was my favorite person in the world,I still miss her......Hang in there and be strong,even though its the hardest thing your ever gonna do........my thoughts are with you...Peace.....
Dhampy  posted on Dec 18, 2013 12:27:00 PM - Report post

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My grandfather succumbed to a rare leukemia linked to agent orange exposure and my dad is waiting for it to hit him as well--Vietnam was my grandfather's last war and my dad's first--but that in no way gives me any experience to be able to relate to a spouse being diagnosed with cancer.
techowl  posted on Dec 18, 2013 12:35:01 PM - Report post

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I can't relate to this since I only lost 2 in my family and as far as I know none of them died of cancer, It was of age and suicide.
But I'm really sorry for your loss' all of you.

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I'm very sorry to hear that, but there is always hope! never give up! pray to god with all your heart but at the same time stay strong not for you but for her and your kids, they all need you now more than ever.
May god bless you and may she get well soon, amen.
farhatali09  posted on Dec 19, 2013 12:27:12 PM - Report post

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My up most respect to the families lost and to those who have lost loved ones, But we all have to say to our selves what can we do to stay away from all those diseases specially cancer, remember one thing my friends prevention is better that cure, you will never get cancer diagnosed until it's at it's final stage, (too late) Any type of cancer!

One suggestion is boost ur Immune system, balance ur Immune system, don't fall for any of those "oh, it's a genetic thing, or it's in our family DNA..." spend some time and search u Will live +100 years IF u take care of ur Immune system, Cheers!

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