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More trainer flexibility?
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    Uranium-235 posted on Nov 17, 2013 2:11:47 AM - Report post
    Good morning guys,

    I have a question regarding the trainer 'framework'. Now granted I don't train all my games, just the odd one here or there, so maybe this is already the case for many games... but for me, I've noticed that it seems that you've been using the same trainer framework for a very, very long time.

    The benefit of this is pretty clear: it works, it's stood the test of time, and it's probably a pretty streamlined process allowing you to spit out trainers at an obscene rate.

    However (and I mentioned this in my thanks post a couple weeks ago) the only real annoyance I have with trainers - or more specifically this standardized framework - is the lack of flexibility. Personally I prefer trainers that give small boosts, as I can simply spam the command if I want a large boost, whereas if the trainer gives a large boost, well, I can't have anything smaller. Be it cash, skill points, XP, something like that. While I totally recognize that a trainer is cheating, there's *degrees* of cheating, after all.

    Anyway, I think the best trainer I've used that you guys put out was the Borderlands 2 trainer (Link). Customizable to an obscene degree, allowing me to give myself as large or as little a boost as I chose.

    My question is this - what was different about BL2 that you put out such an incredibly complex trainer? Is there a chance of working 'flexibility' into future trainers, such as a field or a customizable .cfg accompanying the trainer .exes that allow me to manually specify how large of a boost a given commend gives me?

    Anyway, thanks for your time.

    EDIT: Hell I give up on trying to embed a link.

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    ServiusTheBear posted on Nov 17, 2013 4:12:41 AM - Report post
    Firstly that is an editor you linked.

    Secondly. Now to Trainers they are more press a button and get this amount and so on. I rather not spam a key to get 20million gold. Or 100 skill points. Even with Xp. I rather not spend 5 minutes clicking away to get a certain amount of what am needing.
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    0x90 posted on Nov 17, 2013 5:00:27 AM - Report post
    Thanks for the feedback this has been mentioned/requested before and I agree with that point. I've also added the possibility to edit the 'amount added on each press' on the trainer's interface for a few trainer now and it seems like people appreciate it.

    But it depends on the game. For example if we're talking about a strategy game where resources are an important part of the game, a customizeable option is a nice to have (or a must in my eyes) unlike a shooter where for example adding ammo (in case unlimited ammo is not possible) doesn't need to have a customization. I don't think a lot people care if they add a single bullet or 50 ammo.

    Last but not least it requires more time to add customizations and I'm willing to spend these time only when it makes sense in my eyes, like I mentioned before it depends on the game.

    However there can be also a downside of these customizations. For example with AC4 black flag. Most trainer coders are writing a specific value to all resources each time a function read the addresses of the resources. That's fine, but let's say you want to filter them one by one and make it customizable (like I did), you'll notice soon that the filters you used aren't valid at some situations.

    Let me demonstrate it:
    the register of 'ESI' holds 29 while the register 'ECX' holds the address of woods. So what you're gonna do is that you compare ESI with the value of 29 and if that's true, you store ECX. That works most of the time but like I said, sometimes ESI holds 29 while ECX holds the address for sugar and ESI of woods will be 28.

    So what's the problem? The problem is that if you set all resources to 999, you just need to check whether esi is below 50 and greater than 20 (not really the truth to be honest but just to get the idea of it...) and if you do so, it doesn't matter if ESI is 29 or 28 or 27 for woods, it doesn't matter of they're mixed as you set them all at once. But if you make it customizable, sometimes they're mixed and people might have problems.
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    DABhand posted on Nov 17, 2013 7:49:20 AM - Report post
    Multiple compares one after the other :P
    Oh and Don't forget some tuts on ASM and defeating DMA

    Clicky Here for them
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    farhatali09 posted on Nov 17, 2013 1:36:11 PM - Report post
    no no I think CH trainer makers doing a awesome job about the the mount to choose for the game, whether it's money, mana, skill points, perks... they don't just give u one button 99999999 of wat everrrr,

    lastly the games developers r much clever these days, some games make it that u have to ALL of wat earn in the game whether it's perks, skill points...

    i think for example num1= add 1000 points, and making another button to minus that amount is risky for it can couse games to crash and or freeze and make the trainer a mile long downwards.

    Editors r different one other hand, I don't trust them much!
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