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Official Trainer Thread  X Rebirth Trainer
Weeks  posted on Nov 22, 2013 7:09:36 PM - Report post

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Amen. It's 8:00, the kids are in bed, I'm finally able to sit down and play a game. I start a show on my droid tablet, ponder playing something, decide to check here just in case. What a pleasant surprise, the trainer is updated! You guys are freaking awesome.
EkinoX  posted on Nov 23, 2013 2:19:27 AM - Report post

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You are awesome, thanks a lot !
WarhammerFreak  posted on Nov 23, 2013 6:58:47 AM - Report post

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originally posted by Nemy101

more than likely its because the game version has updated to 1.15 and your trainer is 1.14 and thats why it crashes will do the same to me. As far as what pwiz said earlier in a post, They wont update the trainer to a new version because they have had so many patches for the game already. 5-6 so far in a week. I would just wait you can play story its just takes the skill to play it. Or you can go for open world gameplay.

Maybe... But I've exactly the same behaviour with one of the old Deathspank: The Baconing trainers too - so it's definitely an issue on my end.

Ashar  posted on Nov 23, 2013 12:54:11 PM - Report post

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anything to do with ~mnn133.tmp, some of the CH trainers create that file, and antivirus software deletes it, casuing the trainer to crash
Chronosphinx  posted on Nov 23, 2013 2:34:36 PM - Report post

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For some reason, my game crashes at 61% with the trainer on. I hit F1 at the menu and everything looks fine. I go to load or start a new game, and every single time it throws up that "save dump file" at 61% then continues to load until 79% where it stops. Any ideas?
Im using the latest 1.16 trainer and up to date game (steam). I've also killed all of my anti virus programs. it's very frustrating. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!
LordJB  posted on Nov 23, 2013 2:40:17 PM - Report post

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The game was just updated to 1.17 maybe that's the issue?


X Rebirth Update 1.14 Released
19 November - Egosoft
• Fixed crash when starting game caused by attached joystick.
• Fixed several causes of crashes in-game.
• Fixed boarding failure feedback.
• Fixed problem with gate not activating.
• Fixed UI issues with buttons being active where they shouldn't.
• Fixed ware categories not being expanded in trade offers.
• Fixed problem with secondary weapon panel not being visible sometimes.
• Fixed problem with player engineers on board capital ships and stations.
• Fixed issues with ship traders not accepting orders.

X Rebirth Update 1.15 Released
20 November - Egosoft
• Fixed a number of crashes during start-up and in-game.
• Fixed crash when docking at certain capital ships.
• Fixed a problem with missing flight control data in savegames.
• Fixed a stall when loading savegames.
• Fixed characters crouching when you talk to them.
• Fixed ships still following you when you remove them from your squad.
• Removed "Show me your skills" option for NPCs that cannot be hired.
• Increased voice volume in videos.
• Added feedback to indicate when you cannot hire someone because your crew is full (note: Yisha tells you, but there is currently no voice, only subtitles).
• Added data to try to help nVidia Optimus software select the correct GPU.
• Added fallback to show subtitles if the voice for a text line is missing, even if subtitles are off.
• Added Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese localisations.

X Rebirth Update 1.16 Released
22 November - Egosoft
• Fixed video stutter/crackle at start.
• Fixed several more crashes during start-up and in-game.
• Fixed specific crash when using Alt-Tab or changing shaders.
• Fixed specific crash when leaving a highway.
• Fixed several problems with trade ships being blocked from operating (more fixes to come).
• Fixed problem with not being able to see dock icons for certain ships.
• Fixed problem with certain missions potentially not working after saving and reloading.

X Rebirth Update 1.17 Released
23 November - Egosoft

Added autosave facility.
Added button to clear trade queue.
Fixed crash after displaying fatal error dialog.
Fixed stall loading certain savegames.
Fixed target point list growing uncontrollably in certain situations.
Fixed problem with ships not joining formations.
Fixed ships getting stuck during mass traffic trades.
Fixed several problems with ship scripts.
Fixed lipsync on Split characters.
Fixed dialog choices shown in wrong language when loading savegame from another language.
Fixed the primary cause of highway exit crashes. Fix for a less common crash involving highways will follow as soon as possible.


Chronosphinx  posted on Nov 23, 2013 2:52:52 PM - Report post

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Ah okay... Sorry about that. Now i feel stupid
LordJB  posted on Nov 23, 2013 3:58:29 PM - Report post

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I like that Egosoft is dedicated to supporting their games although the state this latest X game was released in is unacceptable (It should have been using Steam early access perhaps?) and now we'll probably have these near-daily updates for quite some time until the worst issues are fixed, some of the issues fixed should have been impossible not to notice during the Q&A testing yet the game was still shipped which is strange.
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