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Locked Topic  FEEDBACK: Trainer Requests System
PWizard  posted on Nov 12, 2013 6:27:51 AM - Report post

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We need your feedback.

Our current system for keeping up with trainer requests is becoming too difficult to manage. With all of the new 4-bit games being released on Steam every day, early access betas, DLCs, addons, re-releases on GOG, etc, it's just too much to consider and we have to prioritize in some way. A lot of people think that because a game is $2.99 then it should be a no-brainer that we make a trainer for it. The problem is that these dink games are usually the most difficult to work with as they use some pre-built scripting engine which creates and compiles the games on-the-fly. This can take hours and hours to nail down and test with various systems and scenarios. So, a $2.99 game may cost us $300 in programming hours and that doesn't even include the 500 updates that will surely come afterwards.

What I propose is a credits based request system be implemented. Each yearly UNL member will get 5 credits per month and lifetime will get 10 per month. Each user can assign 1 or all of their credits to any particular trainer request. Once a title reaches 50 points, then it will be considered for a trainer. If for some reason a trainer cannot be made, then those credits will be refunded to the users and the game marked as "untrainable". Credits would stack or roll-over each month for each user. We would sell credit packs for those users that would like to get more credits without having to wait for their account to build them on their own. This might help for those niche games that may not receive enough requests otherwise. There would be no time limit on requests.

As it is right now, we're spending valuable time and resources making trainers that sometimes get less than 10 downloads. We're also spending time trying to keep up with all the various requests, how many there were for each game, if the same user requested multiple times, etc. People are throwing requests out even if they don't have the game just because they can. By placing a value and limit on these requests, hopefully we'll get a more true idea of the interest in a particular game so that we're not wasting time.

Note that some games, especially those that are AAA titles, will automatically get a trainer and it will not be necessary to spend credits on them. We would maintain a list of these so that people don't spend credits on them unnecessarily.

Please let us know your thoughts in this thread.

techowl  posted on Nov 12, 2013 6:53:59 AM - Report post

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I like it and the way people can buy "credits" seems like a good idea and a good way to be able to pay the expenses for programmers. And if I may be so bold maybe adding it here: Link The screenshots is where I Added the tab myself. It's an idea only.

[Edited by Sapphire, 11/12/2013 7:00:48 AM]


Trainer Maker
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I like it, not only it's a good efficient system I think it also adds even more prestige to the site.
Neo7  posted on Nov 12, 2013 8:27:25 AM - Report post

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If there is a flood of games that meet the 50 mark, how will priority be established? By how many points they have? By which game got to 50 first? Will it also encourage titles that normally would be considered trainable but difficult to be marked as "untrainable"?
PWizard  posted on Nov 12, 2013 8:38:09 AM - Report post

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First ones to 50 would be considered first. Once a title hits 50, there would be no need to spend points on it further. It would not affect our decision to train or not train certain games based on difficulty.
techowl  posted on Nov 12, 2013 8:41:41 AM - Report post

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Also the points given, will they be counted when the system gets made or from when people joined or when someone purchased lifetime/yearly. 10 for each month would be overkill but maybe those who purchased lifetime can get 1 credit for every second month they have been lifetime or something?

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Well if this makes it easier for you guys etc.

Just do it!
It's a good idea tho.

PWizard  posted on Nov 12, 2013 8:46:17 AM - Report post

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Points will start fresh with the month in which the program launches.
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