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MLB World Series
ServiusTheBear  posted on Oct 31, 2013 6:50:23 AM - Report post

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Congrats to the Red Sox for their win of the MLB World Series.

Game 1, Thursday, 24 October, 01:07
Fenway Park, Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Red Sox 8 - 1 St. Louis Cardinals: (Link)
Good game to the Sox. Hard luck Cardinals.

Game 2, Friday, 25 October, 01:07
Fenway Park, Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Red Sox 2 - 4 St. Louis Cardinals: (Link)
A quiet game, but shame to the Sox losing by 2 runs. But Congrats to the Cardinals on the win.

Game 3, Sunday, 27 October, 01:07
Busch Stadium, St. Louis, Missouri

Boston Red Sox 4 - 5 St. Louis Cardinals: (Link)
Slow start in the first four. But with the Cardinals up two runs to zero. The Sox had to pull it back. Bringing it even on the sixth. Leaving it down to the last three innings to pull a win, But when it came to the last inning the Cardinals pulled out one more run to win five runs to four. It certainly made the last three innings exciting. Good game to the Cardinals. Hard luck to the Sox tho.

Game 4, Monday, 28 October, 00:15
Busch Stadium, St. Louis, Missouri

Boston Red Sox 4 - 2 St. Louis Cardinals: (Link)
Another slow game. For both teams. The Cardinals did pull one run out in the third inning. Then it was the Sox turn to shine pulling out four runs over the fifth and sixth inning. Which then led to the Cardinals pulling out one last run. Which then ended the game on a quiet note straight through to the end. Leading the Sox to the win by two runs.

Game 5, Tuesday, 29 October, 00:07
Busch Stadium, St. Louis, Missouri

Boston Red Sox 3 - 1 St. Louis Cardinals:: (Link)
Another quiet game. With the Sox with blood in the first inning with just one run. It took the the fourth inning for the Cardinals to pull it back even with one run. Then another two quiet innings. It was then the Sox with the final two runs of the game. Leaving the Cardinals wondering what they need to do to win. But the Sox winning this game will certainly have there hopes up even more.

Game 6, Thursday, 31 October, 00:07
Fenway Park, Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Red Sox 6 - 1 St. Louis Cardinals: (Link)
Both teams came out quiet in the first two innings. With the Sox pulling out six runs across the third and fourth inning. Making the Cardinals feel like a deer in the headlights of a truck. Over the next two innings till the managed to pull out one run in the seventh inning. But it was not enough even with the Sox not bringing in any runs from fifth inning to the end of the game. This will be a blow to the Cardinals Morale. But Congratulations to the Sox for pulling a big win. Their Morale will certainly be up in the clouds along with their fans who will no doubt be partying for days over this win.

So to conclude over the six games. Both teams knew what was on the line and it shows the Cardinals need to work more at their game plan more to keep it going. With the Sox hammering the cards in the first game. Certainly lit a fire in the Cards boilers but it did not last long enough. As the Sox pulled their way back up even tho it was slowly to win the World Series. Hard luck to the St. Louis Cardinals. But may we see them again next time with more fire in their bellies? Who knows.

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