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Cheat list
BlackHole  posted on Oct 27, 2013 6:16:27 AM - Report post

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hey all, here is a list of cheat code's from a old space rangers game

but they work in this HD to!
Hope some will work.
But do remember that there is a counter going up every time you use a cheat.
BUT for some freaky way, the numbers dont effect anything ingame.
So savely to use the codes, hope they will help.

If there is a trainer out let me know

Space Rangers HD: A War Apart CHEATS

To activate cheats, hold down Ctrl + Shift while typing the cheat:

gun - Gives one of each weapon
vertix - Gives 5 light Vertixes
device - Gives a complete set of top-tier equipment
arts - Gives one of each Artefact
module - Gives one of each Micromodule
skill - Maximizes all skills
program - Gives 100 copies of all programs
klissanitem - Get a Dominator weapon (space station)
illness - Inflicts player with all diseases, which will last exactly one year
stimulant - Applies all stimulants to player, which lasts one year
ideal - Player's hull transforms into an "Ideal" class hull
showmap - Reveals the whole map
medal - Gives all medals
hole - Creates a black hole and allows you to choose which hyperspace map you want it to lead to.
horror - Turns on "terrible Dominators"
nightmare - Turns on "nightmarish Dominators"
hell - Turns on "hellish Dominators"
technic - Equipment stops deteriorating
ammo - Turns on unlimited ammo and fuel.
god - Invulnerability
bigmoney - Gives 10.000 credits (Equipment screen)
hugemoney - Gives 100.000 credits (Equipment screen)
packing - Weight of all items are set to 50% (in space)
superhull - Increases the hull size by 30% (in space)
repair - Repair all items (in space, when very near a sun)
drop - Nearest ship drops everything not necessary to move
rangerpoints - Gives 1000 ranger points (Ranger center)
nextrank - Gives the next military rank (Military base)
boom - Destroy all enemies unless Keller is present (Hypersp.)
rndbase - Cause a random base to appear, max 3 per systemon planet)
klissancall - Summons Dominators to current system after 10 turns
haterangers - All non-ranger ships become hostile towards rangersPlanet and ranger-to-ranger rep. are unaffected (in sp)
pirates - Each non-Dominator controlled system produces a pirate ship next turn (Pirate base)

Singuli  posted on Nov 09, 2013 1:42:52 PM - Report post

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Nope. No luck here. Is there a specific point in game where you can enter these?

Edit: Got it. The cheats should be entered when in space.

[Edited by Singuli, 11/9/2013 1:47:52 PM]

BlackHole  posted on Nov 09, 2013 3:29:51 PM - Report post

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if you look closly there are (where) behind every cheat code m8 :P

That will show you where you need to use them

vradeenian  posted on Aug 05, 2014 2:15:22 AM - Report post

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There is an effect. It fasts forwards ur in game day counts. During those game days, a lot of things could happen.

Case in point for me. Did some cheats which resulted in the game fast forwarding me 500 days. What happened was that from starting with 6 organic controlled sectors, I was left with ONLY the sector I'm in being free of Dominators. The other sectors have all been taken over by the Dominators.

Sure, you can still win. But it takes a lot of effort n tricks lol. So keep that in mind before using cheats.
Its basically a balanced handicap thing.
You get ur cheats, the AI gets more time to do things without you being able to do anything.

Also a good way to test yourself whether you can survive impossible odds if you have all the Top tier items n weapons.

gilevesque  posted on Jan 21, 2015 3:00:02 PM - Report post

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There are a few additional cheats not listed in the large list.
"lowcostweapon" gives a random weapon at planet equipment screen for about 10 credits or less.
"artefact" gives a random artifact in hyperspace (must be spelled as shown)
"coolweapon" offers a high end weapon in planet equipment screen

It helps to save first then use the CTRL-Shift code. If you don't like what you get reload saved game and try again. You can get a really cheap, nice weapon with small size if you keep trying "lowcostweapon".

paradoxjast  posted on Dec 03, 2016 12:57:09 PM - Report post

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To further clarify vradeenian's post, I feel it is worth a mention that the cheat codes will only advance time if you haven't played much. It uses a 'cheat point' system, where 1 in game day = 1 cheat point. So in a full in-game year, you get 365 cheat points.

Therefore for some, it may be best to do some trading and courier missions just to pass the time. If you cheat ahead, the enemies get a boost because they will move to capture things (pirates and dominators) but the coalition doesn't have the technology needed to stop them, and they only get tech increases by you (and other rangers) killing dominators.

I typically wait until year 3 or 4 before using cheats. If you're curious, however, here are some numbers so you can pick and choose based upon your current time played in game.

20 points - KLISSANCALL
30 points - BOOM
40 points - REPAIR
60 points - DROP
60 points - BOMB
90 points - NEXTRANK (this seems to work in space, as well as military bases)
250 points - SUPERHULL
unknown (does not specify) - HOLE

On any planet:
30 points - RNDBASE
100 points - COOLWEAPON

On any Ranger base:
150 points - RANGERPOINTS

On any Pirate base:
150 points - PIRATES

On any Science base:
150 points - KLISSANITEM

Do not seem to work for whatever reason (worked in SR2) - BIGMONEY, 10BOMB

The only one I haven't tried yet is ARTEFACT.

REFUEL  posted on Dec 22, 2016 12:08:34 PM - Report post

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Type Shift+ctrl+MAKEDUMP and a tekst file will be in the "save game" folder where you can edit everything
Just edit the tekst file and load the savegame, But you will not get any achievements
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