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General discusio of "Add #" in trainers!
Ebithril  posted on Oct 19, 2013 11:49:15 AM - Report post

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The following text have nothing particulary to do with a problem - just a general tought on a lot of trainers:

I don't get the programers need to make "add number of resources/skill points" so ****ing bizare all the time...

Now, presonaly, I preffer smaller numbers just to get a early game speed up in single player most of the time.
But I understand that sometimes bigger number of game resources is added to sattisfy late game needs, rather then early game - but when it makes no sense in neither way... what the hell?

Ex. Heroes 6, resources options.
Adds 1000 Blood, Ore or Wood - and the gold option adds 1,000 gold... What's the point?
So you get an near unlimited amount of secodary resources in only one klick. You will probably NEVER need to klick twice on these!
Yet gold, which you have a need of in BIG quantity later on (even early game), you only get 1,000 gold...
Later in the game, only buying out 1 creature for the week, can cost around 100k.

Seriously guys? >.<
Had I known how to make trainers, I'd personaly make it like this: Add 10,000 gold. And the other options - Add 100 secondary resources.
Now, liek I said, I am no programer - but I have fooled around with ingame values at a few occasions, so I know it's not hard to just alter some values - most of the time.
For instance; If I'd taken a few more minutes extra, I'd have added a few extra alternative options for things that can vary in value during gameplay.
Ex. Having 2 add gold options.
One that gives 10,000, and another that gives 100,000.

Heck, if it is even at all possible to add a tool, just like the "alter hotkay"-function, to personalize values - I'd love to have it!

Ofcourse I'd like to hear what everyone else thinks of this. Do you find the numbers wierd, or impractical to use at times?
Tell me your thoughts!

I hope that trainer programers take these minor constructive critizism to heart - and just keep doing your otherwise great job!

0x90  posted on Oct 19, 2013 12:11:59 PM - Report post

Trainer Maker
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No matter of what we do, there is always somebody not satisfied with it.

For example: Someone like to use a trainer for speeding up the early gameplay and therefore, we wants some smaller numbers. But other users are tired of pressing hotkey more than 5 times, so they appreciate bigger numbers.

The only way to deal with that is to let the user define the number of how many resources to add by a single click/press.
That's ONE of HUNDRED reasons why I prefer editors and why I'm coding editors (IF POSSIBLE) for those games.

Personall I've spent WEEKS (in real time) to improve my trainer template and I'm still not done yet. If I find a way to implement your suggestion on the fly (that means I don't have to start from scratch for each new trainer) I'll do it.
But consider it as low priority.

Ebithril  posted on Oct 19, 2013 12:24:46 PM - Report post

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Yes, like I said, I completely understand that you prioretize bigger numbers over smaller numbers, since it generaly pleases more people.

We are already agreeing on that part! :P

I feel you might have missunderstood me a little.
What I really meant was the akward differences in the numbers compared to other options within the same trainers.
(If you read my Heroes 5 example again, O hope you understand me better.)

Also, perhaps just copying the code for an option to add resources, make it into 2 options - and just add a couple of zeros to the second one!
BAM! 10 seconds extra job, and everyone is happy - because each individual can chose;
"Do I want just a little bost for that particular building, or do I jsut wanna press once and be done with it?"!

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