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Locked Topic  Sticky Topic  NOTICE: Games Requiring > 20 Trainers
MichaelScarn  posted on Sep 02, 2013 3:22:11 PM - Report post

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I just hope that people will read and understand all the extra work that the CH crew is putting in due to all these patches and the demands that selfish people put on them.

PWizard is 100% correct when he says we should take our angst and anger to the developers and not the CH crew.

I for one have the lifetime membership and it has, in my opinion, more than paid for itself many times over.

Chris and the crew are running a business and not a charity. I for one will always be a lifetime member and/or whatever form that level takes in the future.

Keep up the great work.

KingEli  posted on Sep 02, 2013 7:59:14 PM - Report post

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Very fair resolution imo.
nghiale2016  posted on Sep 04, 2013 12:52:39 AM - Report post

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For some reason I cant use the promo code when selecting to upgrade to lifetime it says my membership isn't eligible for this promo code even though I am a 1 year membership started on 8/22/2013
PWizard  posted on Sep 04, 2013 6:06:55 AM - Report post

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When I login as your account, select lifetime, enter code CHULIFEPROMO20, it works fine.
wingers17  posted on Sep 04, 2013 4:20:39 PM - Report post

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Been lifetime for over 5 years, well worth it. Got the lifetime to support the site and never regretted it. Keep up the great work.
philsin  posted on Sep 04, 2013 6:20:53 PM - Report post

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I can't help but notice the vast majority of the games requiring 20+ patches are multiplayer and wonder if in some ways that apart from the usual DLC exe update scenario which I suppose is mandatory to protect the DLC DRM, that some of the updates are made to protect multiplayer games from cheats.
I dunno I rarely play multiplayer but I have been co-oping thru Borderlands 2 with a friend. We were surprised to see that the CH trainers worked (pretty much) in multiplayer mode although of course it ruined the game for us.
There was a time when MP & SP games used a different exe file which I suppose made it much easier for trainer makers to confine the trainer's effect to SP.

The other change has been with Steam et al who no longer make it easy to opt out of updates, even for SP gamers.
I 'm as ****ed as anyone at the insane number of patches that Van Helsing churns out even now, so a while ago I moved the game outta the steam directory and grabbed a yarr exe - maybe that is the cure for SP gamers.
I don't quite understand the logic of the CH move. If I for example had bought a life membership back when I first signed up I'd be close to a coupla hunnerd dollars richer n CH that much poorer.
I don't usually buy life memberships probably just because I'm a pedant (how long is 'life' what does it mean - my life, the life of the game, the life of CH or the life of Caliber?).

0Gungrave0  posted on Sep 04, 2013 6:56:08 PM - Report post

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wow, im kind of glad I bought my yearly membership around 2 weeks ago

its understandable that there has to be limitations in place to promote more people into getting lifetime considering games from 2-3 years ago or more required less updates than current gen games.

I can't imagine how many trainers for Total War: Rome 2 will require since Shogun 2 had a massive amount of patches i can imagine the same for Rome 2.

NoTanFightFan  posted on Sep 04, 2013 7:33:38 PM - Report post

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I only wish I could upgrade at a discounted price. My subscription doesn't end until January 31, 2014. Is there anyway to upgrade my account now at a discount? I saw the last 6 months thing, but I have a little over 4 months left before my first subscription is up.
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