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Something extra : Ingame Editor (IGE)
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    Kendric posted on Aug 05, 2013 8:05:19 AM - Report post
    Greetings everyone

    Like many of you I do love the Cheathappens trainers. And I was playing Civ5 and using the trainer but something was missing. And by some good google luck I found a mod that gives a hole new layer to my play style. So I thought I would share it here.

    Did I mention this mod also makes ya member thingie grow alot :-P

    so the mod is called Ingame Editor (IGE) and made by a dude by the name of DonQuiche.

    the magic it does is :

    Edit a hex or paint the map: You can either paint the map (left click for 1 tile at once, right click for 7 tiles at once) or select a hex and edit it. The screenshot above illustrates the tile selection (in red).
    Build the world: Change terrain, feature, natural wonder, resource, improvements, routes, rivers, ownership, continent arts.
    Units: Add new units or remove them, give your new units up to nine promotions.
    Cities: Customize the cities as you want: increase population, change buildings, change religions, etc.
    Civilizations: Change a leader's gold, faith, culture,give free techs or policies, edit relationships to seed wars or achieve a global peace, etc.
    Technologies: Grant or remove technologies, grant a tech and all of its prerequisites at once, grant a whole era at once.
    Social policies: Lock or unlock branches (even the ones you're not supposed to have at the same time) and grant/remove any social policy.
    Tooltips: The detailled tooltips are here to help you better learn the game by remembering how far an element can be improved.
    Respect the constrains... or not: Elements that should not be possible in the standard game (fishes on a hill for example) are grayed to help you design a natural map. But you're free to ignore those restrictions if you want.
    Not tied to savegames: You can save and reload your game without IGE if you want, or use IGE with a game that has been started without it.
    Gentle with your game: IGE itself is not lightweight. However, when IGE is closed, it absolutely does not interfere with your game, it does not consume a single CPU cycle and it has a negligible memory consumption. It just keeps its bits shut and let you enjoy full performances.
    have fun guys

    most humbly
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    DFCTornado posted on Aug 06, 2013 4:38:04 PM - Report post
    Played around with it.

    It's interesting, maybe there's not full documentation or i'm failing to find all of it. There are some weird behaviors.

    Tile Editors don't quite work like a full map editor so you can't work it like the in game map editor a la Civ 4. I wanted to play around with a new map to see what it could actually do so I tried to see if it could change a coast ice tile into an empty ocean tile but while it modified it's value (from nothing to a food dot) it's still blocked off. I don't know if you could travel through it like it was an ocean tile, visually it's still an ice tile.

    It seems to also occasionally cause crashes to desktop if you're running it with the trainer running.
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    Kendric posted on Aug 06, 2013 4:56:03 PM - Report post
    Did not try to crash with the mod, and you need to save and reload to see change of graphics.

    If you have problems with crashes I would start new game, change what you would like to change with mod and turn mod off and play with trainer :-)
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    DFCTornado posted on Aug 06, 2013 8:06:49 PM - Report post
    It's no biggie. I just come from a tester background so sometimes the first thing I want to do is see if I can break something with common functions people would use!
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    trebor1982 posted on Nov 01, 2013 6:32:09 AM - Report post
    I too have played with the IGE and found it not as immediate as the Civ 4 editor
    If you want to change a tile to feature something else, you need to save your game after the change and then reload the same game
    That activates all the changes you made
    eg. change a mountain to a grassland with oil
    The change is not immediate, but if you save and reload the game, the tile changes to include your modifications
    It all requires just a bit of micromanagement
    By reload, i mean just your save, no need to restart Civ5

    [Edited by trebor1982, 11/1/2013 6:32:56 AM]
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