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Homeworld and Homeworld 2 remakes
JamieK  posted on Oct 06, 2014 3:31:31 PM - Report post

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It would be cool for more homeworld games if the difficulty wasn't dynamic and the AI didn't cheat so blatantly.

I mean spawning a fleet that counters yours 100% and then building more, going WAY over the unit limit is over the top cheating.

I understood how the AI would know where i was, but having a fleet already spawned that counters my fleet totally, which means...i die fast is unacceptable...hell cheating made it worse. lol

Also, i would like them to make the missions to be less rush oriented, i am getting fed up with the rush tactic being forced onto me, i play video games for fun and a stress relief, not to add more stress.

DABhand  posted on Oct 07, 2014 10:15:48 AM - Report post

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That's why you pre-built a sizable force in the previous mission if possible.

And it is about strategy, using specific ships in the front line was always a good one. Like using cheap little bombers to take out their larger ships, yes you would lose your bombers but it would lessen their strength once they reach you and your more valuable ships.

IntegraHellsing  posted on Oct 07, 2014 12:20:32 PM - Report post

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From PAX Prime 2014 - www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxUJIRMZaGU

[Edited by IntegraHellsing, 10/7/2014 12:21:29 PM]

linesma  posted on Oct 07, 2014 8:46:59 PM - Report post

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I can only say two words about a Homeworld Series remake.... ME WAAANT!!!! Homeworld 1 was the cause of me missing a formation because it engrossed me so much that I lost track of time.
jackbig  posted on Oct 13, 2014 5:55:57 PM - Report post

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some news Link

so maybe its still released this year

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