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Regarding Electric Center
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    HelioSDenton posted on Jul 30, 2013 1:12:47 AM - Report post
    So I've decided to clear my progress and start a new.
    Seeing as so many low levels kept getting cool mods and masks etc.

    After 1 level, the starter issue stuff is just plain unbearable.
    So I decided to hack it once more, since the addresses won't narrow down to few while I'm hacking the skill points.

    All I can hope is search for the nearest area, and modify that value. **I modded offshore, cash.

    As I'm modding skill points, I must've accidently modified the Level. That's right, I accidently made myself level 100.

    I was hoping maybe after a mission, my level will bounce back to level 1. But get this, the level reward *3 cards. I got a rare rifle sight.

    I would be so frill, if only I could modify my level back. Because I had nothing unlocked and silly me, I had removed the address from the list, so I had no way of remodify my level.

    So I'm stuck at actual level 1, with nothing unlocked. Doesn't matter with all the cool mods, I won't be able to use them.


    Alright, finally to the topic.

    I told you all that, is because on my attempt to bring my level back down. I accidentally modified some core addresses and game crashed. While I launched it back up, game has asked me - Your level does not match your back up level. Would you like to load back up.

    Obviously, I tried loading the back up and hoping as level 25, I would have a higher chance on modding my level back down.

    I went through a mission, and the loot I got? Exactly. Electric Center.

    Through this, I can almost be certain that, the drop loot table changes according to your level. And seems to be, if you're anywhere close to level 25. Electric Center is what you'll be getting.

    So if anyone able to modify their level. This is it. Make your way to level 25, unlock all that you can. And switch your level to 100 and go on some rampage with missions. After that? Change back to level 25 and enjoy the "legit" game play.
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    Send a message to HelioSDenton
    HelioSDenton posted on Jul 30, 2013 3:04:42 AM - Report post
    Alright, after countless experiment. I can confirm this.

    Electric Center drop rate is link the your level.
    It has nothing to do with Cheat Engine or any data modding.

    To search/mod your level, steps are simple.
    There may be easier ways to do this, but this is how I did it.

    Search for skill points, modify it to be something obscure.
    Such as 93248. Mark the address, and now look for your current level.

    For example, level 15. There will be lots of 15 in the search list.
    But keep an eye out for the 15 that's closest to your skill point address. Then modify that to your liking.


    Mod if after you have reached level 25.
    Everytime you re-launch your Payday2 Beta. The game will ask. Your reputation is higher than your back up, would you like to load your back up. Or something along those lines. Load your back up. And it will return your reputation to the current cap, while keeping the loot you've earned during that Hacked session.
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    Heratic posted on Jul 30, 2013 6:10:09 AM - Report post
    Amazing i might have to try this.
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