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POLL: Celebrity Deathmatch 2 - Round 4
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    Bes posted on Jul 08, 2013 12:13:54 AM - Report post
    See story, characters, arena map, and rules here: Link

    Please do not forget to post a vote for the one who you think should have immunity in the next round. Ke$ha, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and Britney Spears won immunity in a random draw and therefore are ineligible for immunity in this round.

    Died in Round 3: JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE (4-way coin toss)

    Team Juste$ha went out and danced the night away. Justin reached for Ke$ha but accidentally activated his wave gloves and knocked Ke$ha over. Ke$ha retaliated by blasting Justin with her Steel Glitter Shotgun killing Justin. He became the third victim of the deathmatch. Team Enrinaj chased down a beacon. Minaj went to take it for herself but Iglesias cut her with his cutlasses and stole the beacon. Team Levihanna found their beacon and Levine, being the gentleman he is, handed the beacon to Rihanna and gracefully walked away. Team Brionce found their beacon and Britney began to make her case for it. As the conversation heated up, Spears pulled her Sais on Beyonce. She dodged and hit Britney with her Plasma Pistols. Then, realizing that she couldn't activate the beacon, she tossed it to Britney and ran off.

    Character Statuses:
    Justin Timberlake - DEAD (Round 3)
    Enrique Iglesias - Alive/Minimal Injuries
    Adam Lambert - DEAD (Round 1)
    Adam Levine - Alive/Uninjured
    David Guetta - DEAD (Round 2)
    Nicki Minaj - Alive/Minor Injuries/IMMUNE
    Ke$ha - Alive/Moderate Injuries Injuries/IMMUNE
    Rihanna - Alive/Uninjured/IMMUNE
    Beyonce - Alive/Uninjured
    Britney Spears - Alive/Minor Injuries/IMMUNE

    Challenge 4:
    There are only three of you going for this beacon. Who's the best? The beacon is going to fly around the park until one of you catches it. Good luck!

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