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POLL: Celebrity Deathmatch - Round 8
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    Bes posted on Jun 26, 2013 11:47:42 PM - Report post
    See story, characters, arena map, and rules here: Link

    Please note that there is NO immunity this round. Whoever survives this round will face off against Kim Kardashian (won immunity in a coin toss) in the finals.

    Died in Round 7: PEREZ HILTON

    As Kim and Charlie fought over who was deserving of the final immunity beacon, Miley snuck up behind the both and blasted them with her shotguns injuring the both of them. Perez charged at her and swung at her with his Katana set to burn. He missed and fell on the sword, burning himself to death. Kim managed to activate the immunity beacon seconds before Sheen could grab it.

    Character Statuses:
    Justin Bieber - DEAD (Round 1)
    Charlie Sheen - Alive/Massive Injuries
    Richard Simmons - DEAD (Round 6)
    Soulja Boy - DEAD (Round 3)
    Perez Hilton - DEAD (Round 7)
    Kim Kardashian - Alive/Brutal Injuries/IMMUNE
    Lindsay Lohan - DEAD (Round 4)
    Snooki - DEAD (Round 2)
    Paris Hilton - DEAD (Round 5)
    Miley Cyrus - Alive/Heavy Injuries

    Challenge 7:
    The fight for the finals! Kim has landed herself safely in the final round! Who will face her?

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