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POLL: Celebrity Deathmatch - Round 4
Bes  posted on Jun 21, 2013 12:19:55 AM - Report post

Current rank: 5 Stars.
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See story, characters, arena map, and rules here: Link

Please do not forget to post a vote for the one who you think should have immunity in the next round. Charlie Sheen, Perez Hilton, and Miley Cyrus have immunity this round and therefore are ineligible for immunity in this round.

Died in Round 3: SOULJA BOY

Team Shohan snuck into Schmoozies and found their immunity beacon inside of a bathroom stall. They argued for some time over who would use the beacon, but in the end, Sheen rocked Lohan's world so hard that she gave him the beacon as a reward. Both survived the night would injury. Team Simmus headed to Redwood Creek Challenge Trail so that Simmons could help Cyrus shed those unsightly rodeo handles. They stumbled on an immunity beacon and since it wouldn't activate for Simmons, Cyrus grabbed it and ran. Both survived the night without injury. Team Hilton went for a spin on King Triton's Carousel. Perez spotted the immunity beacon off to the side and jumped for it. He forgot that physics existed and slammed into Paris who was riding just behind him. They both hit the ground hard. Perez nabbed the beacon but both sustained painful injuries. Team Kimboy went to World of Color to see the sights. Next to the water, Soulja Boy saw the immunity beacon and grabbed it. Before he could activate it, Kim nailed him with her Krossbow and he fell into the water. His solid gold chains dragged him to the bottom and he became the third contestant to meet his end.

Character Statuses:
Justin Bieber - DEAD (Round 1)
Charlie Sheen - Alive/Moderate Injuries/IMMUNE
Richard Simmons - Alive/Minor Injuries
Soulja Boy - DEAD (Round 3)
Perez Hilton - Alive/Heavy Injuries/IMMUNE
Kim Kardashian - Alive/Heavy Injuries
Lindsay Lohan - Alive/Uninjured
Snooki - DEAD (Round 2)
Paris Hilton - Alive/Severe Injuries
Miley Cyrus - Alive/Minor Injuries/IMMUNE

Challenge 4:
The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is home to this next immunity beacon. The four of you are tasked with scaling the tower from the inside. The first one to the top must grab the beacon, grab the jetpack off the roof, and fly to the top of the roller coaster to activate it. Can a bunch of brainless bimbos become superpilots?

Bes  posted on Jun 21, 2013 12:22:41 AM - Report post

Current rank: 5 Stars.
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I messed up again. Miley is IMMUNE. Paris is who is in her spot. Please vote for Cyrus if you want Paris gone.
AdmiralThrawn  posted on Jun 21, 2013 1:29:14 AM - Report post

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Simmons can have immunity again.
planbskater  posted on Jun 21, 2013 5:02:48 AM - Report post

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Kimmycakes for immunity
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