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Sys req's
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    LordVenator posted on Jun 15, 2014 2:25:37 PM - Report post
    I seriously hope something in the lines of GTX770 and i5-4670 won't be considered as a minimum requirement for GTA V. I just bought this setup 7 months ago.
    Coolermaster Storm Stryker
    MSI Z87-G43 Gaming
    Corsair CM750 750W 80+ Gold Modular
    16GB DDR3 Corsair Vengeance PRO 1600MHz
    Intel core i5-4670K 3.5GHz
    1TB Seagate Barracuda 7200
    1TB Samsung EVO Basic 850
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    ZS posted on Jun 15, 2014 2:37:16 PM - Report post
    What they said that the game will be released with largely the same visuals but with added HDR effects, denser population spread in the city, and more gameplay content.

    Which means that this will have the specs of an early 2013 title.
    For Macaragge.
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    DABhand posted on Jun 15, 2014 3:58:52 PM - Report post
    originally posted by Darth_Furball

    -deleted, cannot be assed to argue.

    Just don't be surprised to see a lot of games on next gen consoles and pc's to start requiring (not minimum specs) AMD FX8350's or Intel i5 4670's and a minimum of 8gb of ram.

    It is already happening, and it is not going to slow down.

    Already there are 5 games this year alone that require specs that high.

    The Crew
    Assassin's Creed Unity
    GTA V (possibly)
    Elite Dangerous

    and those are a few off the top of my head.

    [Edited by Darth_Furball, 6/15/2014 12:14:39 PM]

    No they won't.

    Here is why

    1. Won't sell a lot of them due to hardware restriction being placed on the game.

    2. 8GB RAM will never be a minimum requirement for a very long time, because some people still use 32bit Windows, which means a total of 4GB RAM usage (all forms).

    3. You don't even need a quad core to really push an engine to the max, most engines are very minimal to the usage of CPUs as they are more GPU based for calculations.

    4. Watch_Dogs did not need a 770 for minimum, or even the latest CPUs. The only major restriction they placed was that it was 64bit OS only to play it and DX11 cards only.

    5. The Crew doesn't need high end for minimum requirements. It is actually quite low. So no idea where you got the idea it will be high, yeah perhaps from the same place you thought GTA V will need a 770GTX minimum.

    6. Elite Dangerous.... High Spec??? Oh lordy... You just don't check up on things much do you?

    Oh and Don't forget some tuts on ASM and defeating DMA

    Clicky Here for them
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    Jaks posted on Jun 15, 2014 5:04:57 PM - Report post

    Here's some specs for Elite Dangerous being discussed at


    While waiting for my new PC, I'm still on my old puter with a Core 2 Quad Extreme X9770 @3.2 Ghz and Radeon HD 7970 with 3 GB and running 32 bit Vista with 4 Gb system Ram. It's been a good setup but some 'current' games can knock my doodad in the dirt. To wit:

    Some parts of BioShock Infinite can really lag me, ARMA/DayZ if I dial out the drawing distance even a little (to see peeps coming), lag is terrible. I'm playing Witcher 2 right now at 19X12 on Medium specs with no trouble other than the dreaded 4GB ram problem where the game's poor optimization will crash me to desktop once or twice an hour if I'm not extremely careful.

    This setup might qualify under some minimum Reqs but I'd really rather not have to play some of those new titles on it. I'm waiting for the new pc - I7-4770k + Titan + 32Gb - to even try. I'd much rather have too much than try it with minimum specs.

    Just imo.

    [Edited by element5, 6/15/2014 5:07:48 PM]
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