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Ending from last metro carry over?
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    Send a message to seanz89
    seanz89 posted on May 14, 2013 9:10:28 PM - Report post
    the last metro game there was diffrent endings maybe 3 i think

    i started my game it starts talking about how i Spoiler:
    launched a missle at them from the last game

    so i was wondering if i didnt do that in last game would that ending carry over and basicly have a diffrent start

    or is it one begining to rule them all basicly.

    [Edited by seanz89, 5/14/2013 9:10:48 PM]
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    Nelson2011 posted on May 14, 2013 9:36:00 PM - Report post
    Dropping the nuke on them is the cannon story from the book...
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    Send a message to seanz89
    seanz89 posted on May 14, 2013 10:23:34 PM - Report post
    Did you notice how i stated the last metro game and nothing to do with a book?
    Im going to pretend like you actaully read the post and not just put some random answer that had nothing to do with what i asked and i'll pretend like your answer was no.

    Thanks for the help good sir.
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    Send a message to LordVenator
    LordVenator posted on May 14, 2013 10:40:09 PM - Report post
    No it wouldn't. As the previous person said, the canon ending is you nuking the mutants aka the bad ending. Even if you replay Metro 2033 to get all the good karma spots and get a good ending where you save the dark ones, it will not carry over to Last Light.
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    Send a message to DonkeyOpera
    DonkeyOpera posted on May 15, 2013 6:36:43 AM - Report post
    To sum it up.

    Last Light is based on the outcome of the 2033 novel. Given that, it is automatic that you nuked the Dark Ones. There is no other possible starting point. Sorry.
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    Send a message to bob2787esq
    bob2787esq posted on Aug 02, 2013 5:12:39 PM - Report post
    is there any other endings for last light.. if so i only got the one where you blow D6.. also i saved the guy who vanished from the lab and turned to the other side.. and saved pavel.. but killed a few too many monsters after dark vision was acquired
    Rob The Squire "BOB2787ESQ"
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    Send a message to ServiusTheBear
    ServiusTheBear posted on Aug 02, 2013 5:32:26 PM - Report post
    There is two only but I havent got the other one yet.
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    Send a message to Ratsneve
    Ratsneve posted on Sep 06, 2013 7:30:29 PM - Report post
    I like some are miffed that the 'good' ending in the Metro 2033 game doesn't mean jack in MLL now--perhaps that's why they sort of spell it out to warn you at the very beginning?

    It sounds like now, since Artyom fired the missile he should be played inclined to kill anything that threatens--but my guess is he won't be able to and that the sniper gal with him will (should) end up getting it in the end? We'll see now won't we... In the meantime I'm not going to spend as much time trying to get everything 'right' in this sequel. I'm picking up the notes and generally, given the choice, killing everything...even if they surrender and plead for mercy. If this is a mistake I won't be playing the entire game all over again--I just won't score it as highly.

    [Edited by Ratsneve, 9/7/2013 3:40:55 PM]
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