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Locked Topic  Official Trainer Thread  Masters of the World - GPS3 Trainer
apuebla  posted on Mar 22, 2013 11:16:45 PM - Report post

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ok i am having issues

i tried searching for the value with all checked under custom in artmoney, and it came up with a few values as 3byte integers..

let's say manpower says 13.19 (Ms) for millions

i searched for 13,190,000.

tried editing/freezing... no luck..
tried this with china, fast-forwarded a week and manpower went to zero! lol..

[Edited by apuebla, 3/22/2013 11:48:41 PM]

Bomgto  posted on Mar 23, 2013 12:18:40 AM - Report post

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lol you are the only person left in China lol

can someone explan the whole detail about this?? & how to do in??

show some example like how where when why, and everything else

Stampede89  posted on Mar 23, 2013 5:42:24 AM - Report post

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Alright, I'll explain this a little better now that I realized an easier way. Go to Building, Housing and Roadway construction and click on industry info. Change the page to Volume by year and it will give you the exact number of employees. Search for this number in floating point. As an example, China starts with 13180325 employees. Searching for it results in the address 11746048. To get more manpower, just increase the number of employees.

A word of warning, depending on the country your unemployment rate will either plummet or actually increase like I saw while very briefly testing with China so don't go too nuts

apuebla  posted on Mar 23, 2013 12:32:45 PM - Report post

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cool thanks..

next project.. locking unemployment at 0% just like inflation.

Hashishim  posted on Mar 23, 2013 6:41:28 PM - Report post

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Hey guys

Okay hope this helps I managed to find something a person did on cheatengine, gave a detailed step by step on quick wealth using cheatengine or any other similar program can work Since it is long I will make 2 posts. And mods please dont bite my head of I am not to sure whether its allowed or not. Just want to help

Hope this helps

His guide startss below
Is easy, i have like 128048296712587 budget and 0.00 inflation.

1. Select a Country.

2. Open Cheat Engine and set the value type to float

3. Open the Industry tab and select a sector your country does produce, let's say for example my country produce cement, (you will know if your country produce a certain kind of product because you will see it has no "X" symbol on the right side of the product).

4. Select cement and then in the "Actions" ledge click in "World Info".

5. Then change the view from "in % of the World production" to "Tons by year" and scroll down 'til you see your country. Let's say for example my country is Djibouti so i look for my country cement production and is in the fisrt column where it says "Production (Tons by year)". So my country cement production is 61622.05, well i have now my production.

6. Alt + tab and go to cheat engine, write down 61622, we don't really need that ".05" at the end of the number. Ok search for it. if you are lucky, like me right now, i only found 7 addresses and 3 of them are in green color. Choose one of the green color addresses and change it, for example from 61622 to 999999999999, voila, production changed.

7. Now go to the game, switch from "Tons by year" to "in % of the World production" and then again from "in % of the World production" to "Tons by year" and if you changed the correct value you now will see 999999999999.

7.1. Don't read this point if you already managed to change your production, in case you found like 68568 addresses no problem, just go backward to industry ledge and in cement click on "Subsidize" and Subsidize cement with 8 million, just an example, you can also subsidize it with 3 or 12 millions, up to you. advance 1 or 4 days and you will see the production has changed from 61622.05 to i.e 62789.09, ok go back to Cheat Engine and set "Scan Type" to "Increased Value" that will do, if there are only 5 addresses in cheat engine 2 or 3 of them in green color play with them, if not, just do the same, i mean, advance 1 or 4 days until the production value increases and go to cheat engine and search the next increased value.

8. Ok you have changed your production but it's not done yet. You will have to do 2 more things to make your country an economical power with a 900% growth. Your production has increased, yes, but that doesn't mean anything to the game, your main objetive as a State is to get benefits from that cement companies productions, and how a State get those benefits, yes my friend, yes, through taxes! the damn taxes! xD. You want cement companies to pay taxes like "Company Taxes", "Taxes on Company turnover", etc so you have to make a trade agreement with other country, sell them cement, how to do that?, you just have the manual of the game don't be lazy and read at least that part , once you trade with a country and advance 1 or 3 days your budget will rise like hell from 12.09 Bs to 1243785868687879898 Bs, you will read your great trade contract in the front page of the newspaper between you and the other country.

9. You get a huge amount of budget, the richest country in the world, you can now be the supa powa but you won't get too far if you have a great inflation, and with that budget, trust me, your inflation is gonna rise like hell and if you don't do anything about you will be out of your presidential chair in less than 1 year. So let's change the inflation.

10. To see your inflation go to "Currency" tab, you will see an arrow with the word "inflation" on the right, press it and you will see "inflation 2013 and 2012" you don't really care about 2012 but you do care about 2013 so my inflation now in 2013 is 2.48, we will do this, 2.48 divided by 100 equal 0.0248 and that's what we're going to search in cheat engine, as before, set it to float, introduce the value and search, i don't think you get your inflation value in cheat engine at first search so what we are gonna do is to "change the key interest rate", i changed mine from 10.61% to 9.61% and wait a few days. set scan type to increased or decreased value, it depends if your inflation grow or go down, until you see your inflation value, mine was 0.0248 after changing the key interest rate two times it came to 0.0253 (yes i know it increased but is Djibouti what can i do? xD), i had like 46 addresses but only 5 starting with 0.0253 so i played with those green colored addresses and voila, my inflation came to 0.

The World Bank and other organizations will congratulate you for your great success and blah blah, you're done, you can now have the best culture, best army, best health system, best whatever.

This was a tutorial for dummies, i know you don't need to read all this but trust me if you do it step by step you will get the best country ever.

Sorry for my English and greeting from Spain.

P.S: Changing soldiers, nukes etc is as easy as a piece of cake but if you want me to tell you how to do it i will, someday

[Edited by Hashishim, 3/23/2013 6:41:57 PM]

Hashishim  posted on Mar 23, 2013 6:43:25 PM - Report post

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This is a follow up to his tutorial and someone else asked a question

First off, great post on how to achieve wealth a little quicker. But I do see a few holes in your tutorials, first instance not everyone going to realize that they to freeze there budget amount or else the game will bring it back to the original amount. You mention something about taxes but didn't specific whether to increase or decrease these taxes. Last doing business is a hassle with other nation since the game only recognize your country original production.

Thanks sagimine1, well there are a lot of cheat engine basic tutorials there, i mean, i now is a "how to" but i cannot give everybody everything xD just have to read a little how cheat engine works and how the game works, they have this page for CE and CE program has a tutorial itself and they have the game Manual to know how to trade and all stuff.

I only made this for the people to know what values search for, how to search for them, and what to do to increase their budget from Cheat Engine but i'm not gonna teach them how to use cheat engine xDD.

I must agree with you in one point, the decresing or increasing of taxes.

I will edit my post but for you to know and everyone else, almost all countires in the game have company taxes at the begining of the game so didn't see that as a problem, if not, just create a company tax, it isn't so hard, if you don't know how, just read the manual.
You don't have to increase or decrease it in case you already have it, that is another thing and it's up to the gamer, wanna attract companies? decrease taxes, but don't see it as a problem, with cheat engine you can reduce company taxes to 0.01% and still get 99394585885 budget.

-- END

Hope this helps
PS. I take no credit to the above hats of goes to katalambda

[Edited by Hashishim, 3/23/2013 6:44:27 PM]

nickda1  posted on Mar 23, 2013 10:02:20 PM - Report post

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by the way on the cheat front looks like since version 5.09 Longlivetotherightofinterference! cheat dosnt work anymore so we carnt switch nations anymore
fatarion  posted on Mar 24, 2013 3:37:52 AM - Report post

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originally posted by Bomgto

so if you go above 33% excess it will crash the game??? so lets say if i use the cheat Longlivetotherightofinterference! and get someone else to donate to me less than 33% the game wont crash??

ummm this game is starting to ****ing me off... well this is another new update trainer from pheonix...

so do you know if this trainer will fix all the Debt fault?? and we wont get kick out??

i just wish they made the dam game with easier way to cheat or hack...

I wouldn't use that cheat to often to give yourself money from the richer countries because as I found out in one of my play-throughs eventually they will go bankrupt and won't have any money to give you which will mean that if you don't know any other cheat that will increase your budget/incomes or know how to do it without cheats you will eventually be bankrupt.

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