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Save games
zuchla  posted on Mar 08, 2013 4:11:02 PM - Report post

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Hi, to all. I'm stuck in "Wolf den" and dying there for full 2 days. Nothing works for me, maybe because I'm to old (65) or two slow, no matter what, I cant kill the stupid wolf. Will be somebody so kind and send me a save after finishing out the beast?
"zuchla at Hotmail.com"
costin1989  posted on Mar 10, 2013 5:47:43 AM - Report post

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i have the same problem..if anyone can help me please..
infinite_gamer  posted on Mar 10, 2013 6:02:03 AM - Report post

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I'm assuming your both playing TR on PC,correct?
If so,try this.I was stuck on the wolf level forever.

When the QTE starts,just go slow,don't go too quick.
If you are using the sub-titles options,the key you are supposed to press will be hidden behind it.

Just take your time,and you will eventually get through it.
it worked for me.I know it can be frustrating,i went through it as well.

Don't give up,this game is great! It gets better,unfortunately,there are more QTE's as well.

Good Luck! I hope this helps.

zuchla  posted on Mar 10, 2013 2:36:10 PM - Report post

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I did found this on other forum:

Quote "It took me about 45 tries to get this done on PC, and hopefully I figured it out to help the poor people stuck on it.

Wolf Attacks in the Cave:
1. Left - Right faceroll:
I found that spamming left and right as fast as humanly possible doesn't work the best. I even macro'd it to an inhuman speed and it wouldn't work. I believe it MUST be done with the precision of left to right, left to right, left to right. What worked in the end the most reliable was me spamming A and D fast, but not so fast that each finger was having its own epileptic adventure. Fast yet consistent seemed to work for me more often than not. The moment the left and right icon disappears you need to STOP!

2. Perfectly Timing F-Tap:
After the left - right arrows disappear, STOP! If you press anything after this you fail the next part. You see the next event appearing slowly to the mid - right of the screen. This requires you to press F the moment it arrives fully. Too soon and you fail. Too late and you fail. It almost feels like some Matrix slo-mo thing, and at the right moment, right when the icon fully appears, you gotta just tap F once. If you get a O with a / through it (alerting you of your failure at life), commence quiet sobbing in the corner once more. I have a puddle of tears there so don't feel alone.

3. Mash E:
After successfully tapping F at the bajillasecond you need to, you must wait about half a second, then you need to mash E as fast as possible. The E (or whatever it looks like) appears upwards and to the left of where the F icon in #2 appeared. Mash it like crazy and about 2 seconds later the filled circle inside the hollow circle will suddenly shift to the right about 1 radial unit. Keep mashing a few more times and this section is over.

4. I must admit, once I passed #3 I finished the quick time event in that attempt, so by the time I'm typing this I don't completely remember the rest (steps 1 - 3 I did several dozen times, I'll remember that till my grave).
I believe that after mashing E in step 3 like Rosie O'Donnell mashes cake, we were presented with another carefully timed "press F" event much like step 2. Stop pressing E when step 3 icon disappears, then carefully tap F once when the icon fully materializes. Take that Spock, welcome to planet Squeeenix!"

And on other post they lowered graphics because of delay in vertical sync. And yes, I did the den and kill the wolf!
Here is link for the forum:

[Edited by zuchla, 3/10/2013 2:38:31 PM]

TheThing2010  posted on Mar 10, 2013 6:13:05 PM - Report post

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The solution that I came up with was to mash the hell out of the A and D buttons, then press F at the right time.

If possible, play this game with a gamepad; the control stick allows more fluid movement, better quick-time events (the buttons show), and better direction.

zuchla  posted on Mar 10, 2013 9:33:10 PM - Report post

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I know, but the stupid developer made this for X-box gamepad, cca $43 on Amazon, my gamepad is Saitek and that one is crashing in win 7 64bit when your try to program. For that money I can have another game. I really, really hate that as***** who program this idiotic sequences. Like when you have to run and jump, the mouse is not working to change direction, you have to use "A" and "D" button. Every time doing the Quicktime I wish that person who did it is with me so I can strangler him (or her}.
Gordy007  posted on Mar 21, 2013 6:48:01 PM - Report post

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Hey I'm 75 and I finally got through after about 50 times. You just have to hit the buttons at the right time.
cmdrdredd  posted on Mar 31, 2013 9:55:18 PM - Report post

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An investment in an Xbox gamepad for your PC is probably the single best peripheral you could buy for gaming. It's almost universally compatible with every game released and most games come with preset control configurations specifically to match that gamepad. No drivers necessary since Windows has them all.

Amazon sells the wireless one for $43, you can buy the wired one and just plug it into USB like I did (I had 3 of the wireless receivers go bad) for $40. Or you can get a Mad Catz version for $23.

I prefer the MS one but I wouldn't be unhappy with a Madcatz if I was low on cash.

I tried playing this without a gamepad to see what the complaints were about and honestly it's a lot harder, but not as tough as I had thought based on the comments. I will say that it's probably due to me having a mechanical keyboard which does not require me to fully depress the keys to register that helped me there, but believe me when I say. An Xbox gamepad would be a tremendous benefit.

[Edited by cmdrdredd, 3/31/2013 9:56:07 PM]

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