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Locked Topic  Trial membership
Cityforest  posted on Jan 29, 2013 12:31:57 PM - Report post

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One Month Trial Membership - $17.95 (USD)
Give our Unlimited Membership a try with this affordable trial offer. Trial members may download an unlimited number of trainers for a total of 5 different games during the trial period. Account must be upgraded to a full membership or trainers will be disabled at the end of the trial. Offline keys are not available for trial members.

Does this mean, that when the month is gone, the trainers will disable themselves?

Furthermore the sistersite u have does not feature the one and only trainer im here for the trainer for strike suit zeroLink

this means, that the game i bought for 15,19 euro,~20,40 usd, in order to get, a single trainer, i'll have to pay 17.95usd.
You must've eaten rotten nails, then i'd rather smash my keayboard 300 times more and get annoyed at the game!, which is a bad buisness for you, cuz then it's the keyboard company i pay money to instead.

if what i asked in the top about the trainers being disabled after a month is a correct assumption, then that means i'll have to go for another membership package, resulting in it's becoming more than 2-3 times more expencive for me to get ONE TRAINER than to buy an entire game.

This my good siteholders, is a bad way to manage a buisness, because i belive there are plenty of ppl that would have payed a small/ lesser fee ( me included ) in order to obtain a working and updated trainer that is not covered with trojan / virus, for instance for a 2-5 dollars for each download ofc if they need to download it another time, you could charge them the fee again.

Slvrbuu  posted on Jan 29, 2013 12:52:36 PM - Report post

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The trial gives you access to the trainers of 5 different games for the duration of one month. After which they will no longer authenticate and you will need subscribe for unlimited again. As far as I can tell, all the trainers for those 5 games, including updates.

Even though you are only looking to use one game, you may, given that the option is now available, decide to use it on another game. So now you can play Strike Suit Zero with the trainer, but also 4 other games.

My advice is this, look at your list of games and find 5 games you may want to use a trainer on and then look at the site and see if it has a trainer for it. After which you can do the trial.

Or you can just pay for the longest package (was life-time, not sure now) and get access to an unlimited amount of clean, functioning trainers and editors with fast updates and normally a lot of options to each, especially the editors. Also there are a lot of members here who are always releasing stuff of their own, like cheat mods and the like. Take dragon age for example. They made a mod to spawn items relatively early in the game's life. Or my mod I try to keep updated for Crusader Kings II.

I would highly recommend subscribing. I came here for a CoH trainer that didn't crash my game some time ago because I wanted super armies in skirmish mode and I haven't regretted paying for it. In fact I'd say the amount of use I have for this site has far exceeded what I payed for originally.

Just my two cents.

Cityforest  posted on Jan 29, 2013 1:03:45 PM - Report post

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ok, i just still have a hard time swallowing the price i guess, usually i just play online games like mw3 in mp and lol were i dont need somthing like cheats, ( or rather, i would get banned if i used them ) so for me, the chances that i can have the same amount of use for an lifetime membership, is astonmically low,only reason why i bougt strike suit zero were because it were cheap and had transforming spaceship robot in it.
benduhova  posted on Jan 29, 2013 1:05:52 PM - Report post

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You can get a trainer manager from this site and it comes with a free trainer of your choice which will work offline
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