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Absolution Review
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    Protocal posted on Jan 03, 2013 12:05:06 PM - Report post
    Regarding the CHEATfactor Game Review, Our exclusive review of the game, i....

    "The game's second chapter for instance has you traveling from Chicago to South Dakota and in the middle of it you HAVE TO take part in a shooting contest. The game already featured a tutorial on shooting and the new point shooting system (spoiler: it's bullet time), why interrupt what the game does so well to make me prove once again that I can shoot? Didn't I just do that a few missions back?"

    The above statement provided in the review here is mostly false, namely the part where Mr. Sinicki elaborated it was a mandatory endeavor. It is actually not a "mandatory" section however, it is strictly optional (you are walking to the range willingly, not forced into the mini game) and to be fair, the mini game tutorial is kind of warranted as outside of the bullet-time section in Chapter 1 you don't really "free-shoot" anything. (Game assumes your playing as super-stealth playthrough I guess)

    *Spoilers on the mission*

    There are two ways of completing this mission the simple one: simply do the shootout and win and promptly leaving.

    Or the stealth way where you ignore the old man and walk off to the other side of the gun store, pull the power, steal the keycard behind the counter (next to where you started), go into backroom behind the counter, go through the trench system, go to a 'secret' bunker, more trench navigation, open the safe in that building to the right of the shooting range section (Past Lynch), take the guns, and gtfo.

    So, in short: bad example for the point of pacing your trying to get across especially since the information provided is false.

    [Edited by Protocal, 1/3/2013 12:06:06 PM]
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