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Don't set goals.
Darkish  posted on Dec 06, 2012 1:40:21 PM - Report post

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This is something I've been thinking a lot about lately and I would like to share it with you all. So here it goes. Let me know what you think and how to apply it to your life if you can. And if you disagree then tell me that instead!


Goals don't help at all.

With whatever it is you are trying to do, goals will only slow you down and on top of this, prevent you from getting better once you reach them.

Lets take exercise for an example. Something I do a lot of.

Recently I've adopted a new philosophy when it comes to my exercise routine. I stopped setting goals, instead, I strive to do a little more each day. To get into better shape the day I was before.

A goal is only a constant reminder of how much more work has to be done to meet said goal and will only slow the process down.

Secondly, once the goal is finally met, what else is there to do? So you met your goal of being able to run x-amount of miles or do x-amount of push ups. You are happy and tell yourself that you are going to eat unhealthy as a reward and take a break for a while. If you take a break for a while, not only will it be harder to get back into routine, but you will be in worse shape when the goal was met.

To get better at something, one must practice everyday. Rest days are fine here and there. Rewards are fine here and there to motivate yourself and keep you going. But if you simply strive to do better each day, not only will you meet any goal you would have ever set for yourself but you will do BETTER and surpass that goal.

This is my new philosophy. You can adopt it to anything else if you'd like which takes practice to get better at something.

So don't set goals. Instead, just do a little better each day. You will be amazed as to how far you can do with this train of thought.

Latiosmaster47  posted on Dec 06, 2012 2:32:52 PM - Report post

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Is this because you're mad you lost to the cat?

Seriously though, this is pretty much how I organize my life, without set goals, but with general "do one better" motivation from my previous accomplishments. I just started going to the gym regularly over the past few weeks, and every day I sort of subconsciously run about .2 more miles than the day before and it helps keep me motivated to keep exercising rather than feeling accomplished and giving up because I've reached my goal.

Darkish  posted on Dec 06, 2012 11:03:30 PM - Report post

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Exactly! And no....
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