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POLL: How long would you spend in a VR World?
Darkish  posted on Oct 21, 2012 11:41:08 AM - Report post

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I would more than likely spend a good portion of my free time in a VR environment...maybe half or less. Of course I would still be living in reality, i.e having a need to go to work, work out, eat, sleep, hang out with friends and what not.

So if there ever was technology that was invented to where we can enter a Matrix-like environment and control everything...well that would be pretty freaking awesome I think. Of course I'm sure the system would be abused like Shibby said but I doubt it would come to a situation where 10% of the world will be providing for 90% of those in a VR-world. People will STOP providing for others and focus on themselves and those who choose to limit their enjoyment to the a VR-world before they provide for those who cannot control their desires for staying in the VR-world.

Shibby  posted on Oct 21, 2012 6:35:00 PM - Report post

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originally posted by Monkey007

originally posted by Shibby

I would avoid this like the plague.

I don't believe it is something we should ever create but inevitably some idiot genius will do just that. Some people are so caught up in finding out if they can do something they never stop and think if they should.

The human mind is unpredictable and unstable, many people will not be able to handle virtual reality. We have a hard enough time with games like World Of Warcraft and player addiction without creating even more problems.

I am more in favour of AR instead but again I don't think I would use that either unless there was no way to avoid it.

I have a fear that the future will be 90% of humans stuck in a virtual world and the other 10% working in the real world to keep the virtual one going. I hope we blow ourselves up before we get to that stage.

Isn't why humans need to evolve and learn to control themselves, and their minds? For those that simply can't do this for whatever reason, the technology shouldn't be available.

A VR world would need to be closely regulated so that not every single person can access it, which should be easy enough with such an advanced piece of technology. (I realize that sounds contradictory, but what I mean to say is that it's probably not a small portable device like today's smartphones.)

It's not like videogames in which every person should have access to it with nothing but an "18+" sign or w/e on it. On the other hand, in a VR world you technically can't cause any physical harm, so it's also a great way to research... all kinds of things without the real-life repercussions.


My original post (and I know you weren't pointing at it, this is seperate from the above) was simply what I would do if I had access to a VR world without any constraints.

[Edited by Monkey007, 10/21/2012 9:05:18 AM]

Evolution takes centuries, and at the rate we're developing new technology we're looking at mere decades before its available, so we cannot possibly keep up.

There is no way to determine who is fit to use it and who isn't because it's never been done before and the mental side effects will be mostly unknown.

If VR becomes publicly available I strongly believe there needs to be a built in unalterable time limit restricting how long you can use it for and also regulations on what you can use it for. That would be key to avoiding all sorts of social issues (although the regulations/time limit would probably be a social issue in itself).

Varacka  posted on Oct 22, 2012 6:39:25 PM - Report post

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originally posted by saurabhfzd

originally posted by dssas

Well consider this... would this not be just like those people on wow or starcraft or w/e that are so "Addicted" that it is all they do somtimes to the point of lack of sleep/food/etc? I feel it would be. As such i would avoid it. I have a computer for that.. i dont need a new "addiction".

i'm sorry if i come across as a knit-picker but the word 'Need'..is quite relative in my opinion. most of us don't 'Need' an addiction, any addiction for that matter. we just happen to pick it up as we go through life.

what u're doing is quite wise in that u're consciously avoiding picking up any which is what we shud do.

one might give VR a try someday even if for just a few minutes purely out of curiosity and may, at some point, decide to hang in there a few minutes longer and so forth and soon without any realization whatsoever start to like it. over time the exposure and affinity increases and u're hooked. that is where ur conscious avoidance comes in handy.

u're right about 'Addicted' players of WOW and SC not being very different from that off VR users.

by being slightly dis-agreeable i don't mean any disrespect.

Your right we dont "need" any. Thats part of why i used the word need rather then want.

Inixen  posted on Oct 23, 2012 3:44:38 AM - Report post

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If it did come to fruition I can see this as becoming an amazing method of stress relief. But like you all say, you'd have to be monitored closely to avoid any sort of addiction. I wouldn't want to spend any more time than I should in something like this (I voted 10% a day but maybe even 10%/week). No doubt there would be serious implications as to how they are used and people's psychological reactions to exposure to some sort of super reality.

Reminds me of the Red Dwarf episode 'Back to Reality'. Four years in a VR game, phew!

[Edited by Inixen, 10/23/2012 3:45:25 AM]

NexusCron  posted on Oct 26, 2012 10:28:25 PM - Report post

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I'm not so sure. 10% is good for me, but then I live on the internet. Traumatic experiences in my life have turned me into a reclusive shut-in, so I'm generally fearful and wary of people.
Unlike most shut-ins, I do force myself to go outside time to time.

I don't know how long I'd bee in VR, or AR for that matter. I do know that I think both are good for differing purposes. Both would be great.

Besides, with VR, you can do scientific experiments in amazing ways without detrimental issues. effectively obliterating red tape and moral issues, because your not harming anyone.

That said, VR may actually increase our rate of "Teching Up" so fast that 90% of the population would be mindblown.

Due to the ability to do research without having moral issues and red tape all up in your face, and your not harming or killing anyone? Oh most definitely.

Degari  posted on Oct 27, 2012 12:24:47 AM - Report post

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I would spend a reasonable amount of time on it, up to a third of my time at the most. And I imagine that initially I would spend nearly all my time in it, having a break just to rest, eat, etc, until the initial excitement wears off. I normally limit my video game time to weekends when I'm not busy, and (rarely) some afternoons during the week, but something like this would be big, so I may spend a bit more time on it.

But I must agree with Shibby. Already there are some people who spend a dangerously large amount of time playing video games. Something like this would wipe out those lives easily. And this is something I feel could be reasonably near in the future. It would need to have very strict time limits.

NexusCron  posted on Oct 27, 2012 1:00:43 AM - Report post

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Correct. There should be some form of unbreakable code or command that limits time. I mean, no matter what you do, you can't stop the time limit. Some might not find it fair, but some people have actually died from endlessly gaming.
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