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Q: Isn't better to ban than retire?
Marines310  posted on Oct 18, 2012 7:31:34 AM - Report post

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Hey CH Staff and Community!

I would just like to ask a question on how best to deal with members that have made public their discontent with CH products.

Isn't it more economic and better for the overall community to just have individual members banned than have the entire game retired?

I ask this because I am saddened by the recent discovery of the retirement of Wargame: European Escalation. It seemed that there was a member who I'm not sure if he/she was repeatedly warned but made a public, his/her complaint that ended with the retirement of a very promising game which I feel that more people lost a good opportunity than there was any gain... and if I may daresay, for the CH Staff as well.

Though we have the option to "Roll Back", and utilize existing CH trainers, which current and new members may opt to use, it just seems unfortunate that the actions of one has to impact everyone else who were highly supportive of CH's support with the game.

I'm sure most of us have seen on the boards some members who have made public their discontent at how the trainers work (much to their own misuses or abuse of product) and disagreed with their comments. Having lost a good trainer for a great game, the loss just seems that much bigger. I just feel like for a big game, there will be more users and with that, more complainers.

While I am fully aware of CH's terms - which I became acquainted with after having a near miss of my own with a different game - I am concerned that abrupt retirements may turn away new members or have members go to other sites. CH seems to be the most reliable and safest trainer site and I am concerned that being too trigger happy on the retirement decision may lead to fragmentation of a game community in CH, making players resort to other trainers online which may have questionable capabilities or have serious security issues.

I for one, and I'm sure MOST others are, am fully satisfied with CH products. Again, I fully respect the rights of the trainer makers and commend their efforts for putting up with all the complaints that led to the retirements (for so many games - remember that they work on not just your game but for so many others), and I do not wish to make this a plea to un-retire W:EE, but I would like to propose just banning members since that seems to be the best way to move forward for the rest of the community.

Thanks for your time and patience.

DABhand  posted on Oct 18, 2012 8:02:13 AM - Report post

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It's not a bannable offence to be honest, unless they get really hostile then it is.

Most people get impatient and don't realise that the service they have paid for doesn't give them instant access for trainers designed for the latest patch of a game. It will get done, but when other newer titles are being worked on first then obviously some older take a small back seat until things are done for newer AAA titles etc.

So they go on a rampage, "I AM A PAYING CUSTOMER, I DEMAND MY TRAINER NAOS!!!!"... doesn't matter if they were President Obama himself, there is a system like anywhere else and not just subject to Cheathappens..

If you were paying for a service with your local hairdresser annually to get as many haircuts as you want for a set price, you just don't go in on a busy day and demand to have your hair done there and then, its busy and obviously you have to wait your turn. Unfortunately most people don't realise this to be the case.

I will however agree that retiring games is a bit excessive and I won't agree with Chris on that matter, best to ignore the people, but eventually games will get retired anyway to make way for newer titles.

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