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Such a hurry to return
daoli  posted on Sep 22, 2012 1:38:23 AM - Report post

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Summer league on the last few games left, it may be by the roller chick incentives, few games I desperately score. Took a Tin points again.

Then really the regular season began approaching the assault team also started doing formal training before the game. This look is not a summer league at that time the kind of scraping training, the elderly and the core of the team inside come.

Iverson, Dalembert, Thomas. Weber, "www.cheapjerseyswholesalesupplier.com/">nfl jerseys china£¬Mackey, Williams, Green. Jiliyanuo, I, Origen, Andre Iguodala. Mark Johnson, John Salmons, the entire team all personnel to this list of the regular season of the National People's Congress is perilous.

The inside of the entire team to go, such as a large dog, such as Snow, but also to some people contest Weber, for example Salmons.

The team's situation is very different and previously in the training center network, a little embarrassed, some are not used, but two days later, I adapt now teammates. Different teammates tactics of the team has changed a lot last season, 76 of the most uncomfortable emptiness inside, now the team to Samuel Dalembert, to Weber inside height is increased significantly.

Weber ability to control the halftime show is scraping practicing what I have seen the strongest he Jiliyanuo very similar in some places, but seasoned control of halftime, and the basket of offensive capability. Jiliyanuo far.

Seems, Eritrea finally found the figure of a standing basket.

The end of the summer league Eritrea before practicing basic entered a stable stage.

The new tactics of the old Ford Eritrean people have risen to the 08 old Shan late book sun ridiculed piece Qi Yu. Surface, "www.jerseyswholesaleauthentic.com/">wholesale nfl jerseys£¬the tip of the year right tactical, Sim you want is to run and gun, half rely the Iverson ridicule billion training to stuffy a personal ability to clear the way.

This tactic is very primitive, the game mainly rely on personal ability and team enthusiasm. The final outcome depends days. Great uncertainty, also a big reason last season into the playoffs, I'm feeling good.

Now the team have Webber and Samuel Dalembert, Scots have a team stand playing half of the capital. Deller then Potter is responsible for the interior defense and rebounding, Weber can halftime offensive series.

Inside on full, wounding tactical plump up. Wounding sharpening.

The regular season finally began, "www.wholesalesupplierschina.com/">air force one shoes£¬ the Scots people's opener, the first game in a home game to play Denver Nuggets.

The game has not yet begun, the Philadelphia sports pages and basketball columnist active. Dormant for a summer they had long been looking forward to this day, the same dormant a summer fans are waiting for this day.

Major newspapers in Philadelphia, one by one, for the wounding of combat power, as well as the summer trading. This summer, wounding several changes are obvious, and strengthen the inside, supplement Salmons, and my performance in the summer league has also attracted a lot of attention.

Have high expectations of the fans and the media for the performance of the the wounding new season, which formed ahead of the game a trend.

The core of this trend is only one, "www.savemallsen.com/">wholesale acoach handbags£¬ is looking forward to the the wounding new season.

As the race date approaches, even I am also a little nervous up in the summer league, I have too many sub- I do not know when the regular season starts, I can not be as easily score.

The opener begin this time any card is actually the end of shooting in Europe, she should be returned to the United States.

Any card back to the United States first stop is Philadelphia. Of course I know, she came to see me.

Standing in the old terminal building inside of Philadelphia, across the huge glass windows sub, looked at those silver rising and huge steel monster.

The roar was deafening, filled the air of autumn leaves. Philadelphia architectural and distant as one solution, this is Philadelphia, the inside of the old and dark shades. Has his own unique charm.

Terminal inside accompanied by crisp female voice. Any card the flight finally arrived, I stood in the entrance of the channel, and the fat looked at the other side of the channel.

Any card wearing brown short trench coat, "www.jerseyauthentic.com/products/NFL-Jerseys-c169_p1.html">nfl jerseys cheap£¬with a cortical cap, narrow face huge sunglasses hanging like daisies swaying in the autumn. The step-by-step, dragging suitcases over.

See the figure, I laughed.

Any card to see me, tapered heels knocking hard on the ground frequency is also accelerated. Wind burst Hong.

I just to meet her, was rushed to a full, any card once flew into my arms The two thin arm Lanzhu my head, ****ed his head, big sunglasses, Jiaochen said: "think of me? the bean sprouts header.

Bean sprouts head? When I am with this nickname? "Now the beauty in my arms, I naturally can not be too honest, hands clinging to any card slender waist.

Any card thin lips curled, exhaled, such as blue: "in fact carry when I first saw you wanted to call you so, but late!"

"So you are premeditated!" Just hold like a wizard like beautiful girls. I'm a little chuckle.

"Such a hurry to return to the United States what to do, not in Europe bring a period of time when you where in the filming, why do not you take a break!"

I took the suitcase of any card, holding any card delicate little hands, and walked toward the terminal building outside.

Any cards thin shoes, banging
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