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Attention Guild Wars 2 users
DABhand  posted on Sep 08, 2012 4:29:38 PM - Report post

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Recently a spate of hacking attempts have been happening in trying to take over accounts.

What is worse is if you plan to purchase any diamonds on the Black Lion Trading page, and you save your Credit Card details, it also saves your 3 digit CVC/CVV code along with everything else. This is illegal to hold that 3 digit code.

Not only that they have no way of allowing a user to manually remove that information/opt out of saving the data.

People have been hacked and had the hacker purchasing diamonds on the BLT, one person at £200 (320USD) and Anet is trying to cover their backsides by saying purchases made on the BLT are final and are exempt from refunds.

If you have your CC details saved, talk to your Credit Card company and block ArenaNet and NCsoft, and if your not so sure cancel your card all together. Then either get Anet to delete the data or demand a refund and forget about the game.

I think Anet will be lucky to be trading by christmas, cause financial bodies will fine Anet heftily for storing illegal information.

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LordVenator  posted on Sep 08, 2012 7:58:48 PM - Report post

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Good thing I got my refund.

The game itself didn't offer anything revolutionary. Trading post not working almost 2 weeks after the launch, mail system going on and off because of "scams", overflow system is terrible, and parties are broken therefore you will either lose half of your day getting your party in the same dungeon instance or you won't get in at all. Not to mention random people keep getting banned, whether they are guilty of something or just logged in for the first time.

And people thought Diablo 3 had a bad launch.

DABhand  posted on Sep 11, 2012 3:05:50 AM - Report post

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I am in the process of getting my money back, their blatant disregard for people's security is just disgusting, more and more people are starting to lose money, and this money being taken may be needed for everyday living and ArenaNet just doesn't care one bit.

Any other company would have the common sense as to close down the purchasing page and then work on putting up a remove info button and to force the user to use their 3 digit code again. But ArenaNet haven't.

It's a shame as I loved GW, but all this stuff happening and the naughty way of not telling people that you won't get everything in the game until you purchase it with diamonds for an extra price on the game initially, is really bad. And I hope the financial ombudsmen of the USA come down heavy on their Bellevue offices.

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