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POLL: Worst "feature" in games this generation
Shibby  posted on Aug 03, 2012 5:56:14 AM - Report post

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Not a fan of any of them but patching pretty much screws me over. The internet here sucks pretty bad and it takes me days to download some of the patches needed, and with EA I can't even do that since the download craps out after a few hours.
Wrythe1985  posted on Aug 03, 2012 6:27:57 AM - Report post

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I voted Persistent DRM. I don't have a problem with developers wanting to retain the integrity of their proprietary rights regarding licenses, copyrights, etc. In fact, I have no problems when DRM kicks in if the user goes online to play the game in MP. My issue is the persistence of DRM. It is not necessary for the SP aspect. I fully understand the concept that when a user purchases a game, they are not buying a product, per se but rather they are buying a license to use the software created by a developer. But, if I choose to run another piece of software that temporarily changes the code of the game, or even if I choose to make a semi-permanent change in the code (modding, for example) I am well within my rights to do so. In short, DRM in MP is fine, DRM in SP...not fine/necessary.
saurabhfzd  posted on Aug 03, 2012 6:30:55 AM - Report post

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always on DRM is it...for me. but i won't get all 'flame' on it mostly because it doesn't spoil my gaming experience when my net connectivity is great...but it does tick me off the most when net connectivity is shaky.
QueenNic  posted on Aug 03, 2012 7:06:38 AM - Report post

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originally posted by Shotgunmaniac

originally posted by Nic_Durron

My biggest annoyance is requiring Steam to be running so that I can play non-Steam games. Getting a work around for that while I had no internetz was needlessly complicated.

But I suppose that's Steam-specific. In which case, I'll go for overpriced DLC that was being developed as part of the original game anyway.

You take that back! Steam is a perfectly nice girl, you just have to get to know her better! I guarantee it's worth it if you have people on your friends list to chat with. I'll even be your friend, if you don't have enough to justify it!

I've been using Steam since 2009, and while it has many advantages I'm afraid it still annoys me when it needs to be running to play Dragon Age. Do you know how awful it is to have a Dragon Age addiction and be unable to play for weeks because Steam refuses to even try opening if you're PC is offline? I had to haul my tower to my mother's, connect to Steam and restart in offline while connected just to be able to play DA at home.

It's annoying, I shouldn't need to connect to Steam to open an offline game. Getting around it was tedious.

Don't get me wrong, I love Steam, but it's ridiculous that after three years I still have that problem.

DABhand  posted on Aug 03, 2012 3:49:53 PM - Report post

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Go on Steam
Download Origin
Insert CD-KEY into Origin
Download Game
Play with Origin :P

Unbreakable  posted on Aug 04, 2012 8:06:38 AM - Report post

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I chose DRM because I have very limited monthly internet use at home, and I can't afford to be connected whenever I want to play something. That is actually why I don't play many PC games. And why after I installed Steam, I never bought anything. It just sits there. I can't be connected to the internet every time I want to play something. So I have Xbox instead.

I understand the ads in games and apps, etc. It allows you to release for free and still make money.
I don't really mind updates because any games that I need patched usually contain bug fixes (I'm looking at you, Bethesda).
A game being called "Free to play" and then giving benefits to those who give them money... totally understandable. They release a product for free, but give benefits to the ones who give them money. I'm sorry, but I think it makes sense. If it makes it unfair to those who play for free..I'm sorry, you're still playing for free. Don't complain.
On-Disc DLC is annoying. Having to pay for most DLC's is. But the people who are actually going to use the DLC don't mind, and it already comes on the disc, so it isn't an extra download.

madatcheats  posted on Aug 04, 2012 8:59:39 AM - Report post

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got a few more:

1. motion blur, who the hell invented that???
2. achievements, especially when they have absolutely no purpose
3. unmoddability
4. goddamn account restricted savegames that can't even be copied or transferred to another console or pc

King Odin  posted on Aug 05, 2012 2:21:09 PM - Report post

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I picked the first option.....it flashes a sign saying "Even though I purchased this game it's not really mine"....
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