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Thankyou VERY much
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    Mirraluka posted on Jul 09, 2012 3:08:33 AM - Report post
    originally posted by The Admiral

    originally posted by theroc44

    originally posted by dubiousdoc90

    There needs to be a FAQ FAQ. It is clear that many of complainer have never ventured into the FAQ nor read any of the troubleshooting tips. I appreciate the work that folks put into this site, please don't let a few ignorant people crap on the parade.

    More than likely i would attribute it to laziness to even go to the FAQ section. But retired games have been unretired before but that is at the sole discretion of the trainer staff and whether they do or not the reasons that it got retired in the first place shouldnt have even occured. In real life you wouldn't for example, go to the store if you had a problem with something and been like " HEY WTF the power button dont work, get the ****ing thing right man, jesus"...... But some people feel that response is appropriate, which we all know it is not.

    Unfortunately, far too many people find this form of complaint reasonable. It speaks volumes to the level of patience that people have lost in recent history.

    For me i really FEEL SORRY for Cal PWizard and the staff and a Fantastic job they do, the amount of verbal C-rap they get from some members that do not know how to be well mannered, perhaps these people did not finish school,or have bad attitudes to one and all,who knows,like i have said before in another post "it costs nothing to be Friendly" and some members need to remember this.

    For the young please live and learn,for the old sorry its to late,lol and for me i am still learning at 64 and i like it.

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    Devastator0 posted on Jul 10, 2012 2:33:23 AM - Report post
    I have to admit, I was one of the people who made a comment about the un-encumbered thing. However, when I posted, I did it in the most polite way that I possibly could. There was just one particular moron who had to fly off the handle and make a big thing out of it.

    I will happily say that I completely respect the guys who put the time and effort into the site and the development of these trainers and also that I've happily paid for a lifetime membership to the site to support them. When I mentioned it, it was because I was genuinely having a problem with the functionality that just was not working for me (I did go to the FAQ's first) and I felt I should report it in a constructive way.

    I have attempted to PM both Cal & PWizard to apologise if I offended them, but didn't get a reply. Wish they would re-consider their decision about retiring the trainer for Skyrim.
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    Maint posted on Jul 11, 2012 2:30:58 AM - Report post
    you dont need that trainer option, just type in the carryweight code, but i dont rekemend you increse it to much, ,or it will mess up, to much items in your inventory and the game will crash
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    Send a message to Mephiston
    Mephiston posted on Jul 15, 2012 3:37:56 AM - Report post
    I'm honestly surprised cal and PW dont just ban demanding/offending idiots on top of retiring trainers.

    Hypothetically speaking, if i was acting like a self entitled little **** on the internet and got banned for it, i'm fairly certain that nobody would cry about it.

    Plus if i wanted access to them again id be paying more money for it. Maybe an expensive lesson might mellow me out a bit in the process.
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    Send a message to snafucit
    snafucit posted on Jul 16, 2012 4:11:12 PM - Report post
    It seems to me though they are a bit to sensitive. 99% of the comments are pure praise, and to have such a reaction to a few asses seems childish to me. Its to easy to block/ban the individuals that are bothering you not penalize everyone else. Over all I love all the work CH staff do, I just hope you stop punishing all of your customers for the words of a few.
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    Send a message to NoireWidow
    NoireWidow posted on Jul 20, 2012 8:32:47 PM - Report post
    As a forum administrator. I know for a fact, no matter how many FAQ/Help sections, threads, or post you do; You will ALWAYS have idiots come in and not read anything. They complain, and throw fits, and claim their entire lack of rational thinking is your fault somehow.

    However. I also know, staff needs to get used to it. They should not let it define their actions, nor ruin it for the other 90% of members who enjoy something. That is just bad business sense.

    Alas, it is their site, and they can do whatever they want. Luckily for us, the console is so extensive as it is.
    An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.
    I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.
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    Anklh posted on Jul 21, 2012 2:26:25 AM - Report post
    Thank you for all the hard work to make this possible.
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    Send a message to mythgraven
    mythgraven posted on Jul 27, 2012 7:24:32 PM - Report post
    While Im all for everyone coming together and clapping each other on the back for not complaining, I also dont see any positive value in "retiring" the game.

    I acknowledge that people will be asshats, and the CH Staff are under no obligation to continue making trainers, let alone sharing them, let alone tolerating complaints... Going the route of "retiring" support for the game tastes a little too much like DRM that only punishes the legitimate users. Authority figures everywhere really need to come up with some way of punishing the guilty parties, without washing their hands of the people who werent at fault. "Screw it, now no one gets any" is a lazy, insolent sort of knee-jerk response, and I wish the CH Staff had not been pushed to the point of choosing it.

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