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Locked Topic  Linux users playing D3 banned
Neo7  posted on Jul 02, 2012 9:04:40 PM - Report post

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Blizzard Entertainment in their infinite wisdom has decided to ban players who use a Linux based Operating System (Free Software) to play Diablo 3. Users submitting official requests to have the decision reversed have been denied. Below is the official reason given (as seen in the first post in the link above):

Account Action: Account Closure
Offense: Unapproved Third Party Software
A third party program is any file or program that is used in addition to the game to gain an unfair advantage. These programs may increase movement speed or teleport heroes from one place to another beyond what is allowed by game design. It also includes any programs that obtain information from the game that is not normally available to the regular player or that transmit or modify any of the game files.

You can assume that they will start banning users who use the trainer in the near future. We're not going to stop you from using the trainer but this is a warning to users that Blizzard is probably thinking of stopping you cold in your tracks.

For those of you not well versed in the Linux world here's how it works:

1. Most Linux distributions are considered Free Software meaning that users are allowed to use, redistribute, and modify the code that makes up the OS. With the exception of few enterprise editions that come with official tech support designed for businesses, it is impossible to pirate a Linux OS.

2. These games are ran with the aid of WINE (WINE Is Not an Emulator). Wine is an open source compatibility layer that provides open sourced DLL files that do the same thing as the Windows API implementation (read: not the same as the Windows API, but functionality recreated in an Open Source way). It does not provide any kind of advantage for the player (in fact Linux users are at a disadvantage since Wine is going to give weaker performance than a Windows OS by default).

[Edited by moderator Neo7, 7/2/2012 9:19:24 PM]

theroc44  posted on Jul 02, 2012 9:34:34 PM - Report post

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wow thats terrible
fullmetal5550_old  posted on Jul 02, 2012 9:45:39 PM - Report post

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I am so glad that I cancelled my Diablo 3 Collector's Edition pre-order. If this is how Blizzard treats their customers I don't plan on buying or playing any of their games.

DABhand  posted on Jul 03, 2012 12:36:07 AM - Report post

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Linux offers better networking and tools, as such easier to run bots etc on.

And WINE is an emulator (no matter what the creators etc say, it was originally to be called WINdows Emulator why they changed it and think its not is beyond me), just because there is equivalent files that share characteristics of windows dll files doesn't mean that it is not an emulator. Like all emulators they require BIOS' to be fully compatible, the dll files for WINE are technically a windows system BIOS.

It has to emulate how to run a .exe file also.

People are jumping the gun with these bans, its as if it is only linux users that got banned, only reason it has been picked up on because the massive moaning army has picked up on a coincidence and is milking it.

How many of these "linux" users will have been playing fairly? Thats the real question. And obviously Blizzard cannot comment on multiple cases when each case is nothing to do with other people asking about them.

As for the ludicrous comment about unable to "pirate" a linux OS made by Neo, I can find premium Linux ISO's on a few choice sites.

Man this is what annoys me, because people were annoyed that Diablo 3 would be online always, they have invented or found ways of complaining about it. Its almost became a nagging wife, where you know its there all the nagging but you don't want to hear/see it constantly.

EDIT: After checking the forum post, there is a handful of users who use WINE to play SC2 and Diablo 3 and they have NOT been banned. So the fact people are crying foul that users are being banned for using WINE is unproven and should not be seen as reliable. As I said it is the Moaning Army trying to find ways of getting people not to buy Diablo 3 like themselves so they don't have any fun. And unfortunately people tend to believe controversy over checking something to see if its a viable argument.

[Edited by DABhand, 7/3/2012 12:54:43 AM]

Mirraluka  posted on Jul 03, 2012 1:54:17 AM - Report post

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These couple of lines are so true from DABhand "And unfortunately people tend to believe controversy over checking something to see if its a viable argument."

The Lucky thing for me is i do not play games on-line,ok so i am in a minority but at the end of the day I do not have BLIZZARD closing me down.and i always got my head shot off on-line within 1 minute thats why i do not play on-line,i am a tosser..lol but i can live with that.

I know nothing about the Linux operating system so that leaves me ignorant in that field,what i do know is that if the Linux system doe's give the player an advantage that is wrong,on the other hand if its the opposite then the players are losing out.

So like BABhand said nobody knows the real reasons for these bans and i HATE speculation.

Curdin  posted on Jul 03, 2012 4:38:39 AM - Report post

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Rofl I just read this D3 Fourms... this game has gone to **** real quick.But what can you expect its blizzard and they don't give ****!
Neo7  posted on Jul 03, 2012 4:43:31 AM - Report post

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The thread was less than 10 pages when I made it. Thanks for jumping down my throat claiming I did not read it.
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