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New Game Editor
TK16335  posted on May 31, 2012 4:15:24 AM - Report post

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For some of you trying out, or revisiting, this old Age of Empires engine, large scale RTS Star Wars game; there is an editor(NOT MADE BY ME; I TAKE NO CREDIT WHATSOEVER)that allows the editing of unit, building and many other values in Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds. Advanced Genie Editor 2

(download button top-right of article)
You can edit unit, building and research values and even add new units/buildings/ect.


1: Before using the program, create a folder in the games "GAME/DATA" folder called "Backup Files" or something similar and copy&paste files in DATA called GENIE.DAT (and genie_x1.dat also for Clone Campaigns/SAGA users) into the "Backup" Folder. This way if you mess up anything or don't like changes you've made in the editor and are unsure how to fix, you can copy and replace these files back into the DATA folder to reset values to default.

2: Only use the SWGB preset if you don't own the Clone Campaigns or "CC" preset upon opening program if you use the expansion or "Saga".

3: Editing buildings or anything besides units tends to affect all factions and computer AI will make use of these value changes against you or with you(as an enemy or ally). I highly recommend only editing "Units" Tab and carefully to clearly labelled and understandable values under each unit.

4: It is recommended to only make changes to obviously labelled values such as "Hitpoints" aka unit health, "Line of Sight, Search Radius, Max/Min Range, Displayed Range, Accuracy Percent, Displayed Attack, Delay, Reload Time1/2, Amount(attack&armour values), Displayed Melee/Pierce Armour, Garrison Capacity(only on units that already have value >0 i.e 1+, Cost Amount (havn't tested 0 values on everything/everything mentioning population set this value around here to 0 to be able to build unlimited numbers of these units; NOT "Cost used", Train Time.

5: I use Faction Units to be safe, for instance under "Units" Tab I select the pulldown "Civ1" as the EMPIRE faction as opposed to Civ0 or "Nature" which is obviously the nature non-playable faction.

6: Even editing under specific Faction units, most units are labelled exactly the same so that unit you just edited eg "adv fighter" could end up with the computer REBEL AI sending 1000s of invincible, instant build, 1-hit-kill X-Wing Starfighters at your base when you meant to upgrade your EMPIRE advanced Tie Fighter. This may involve a lot of trial and error, replacing GENIE.DATs with the original files or restoring original values to units from other units from different factions under the same name. Usually the 1st name down after searching hvy mech destroyer(ATST for EMPIRE) or hvy assault mech(ATAT for EMPIRE) is the Empire faction, 3rd one down another faction ect. This may differ so once again trial and error helps.

7: ALWAYS check the unit's values for HITPOINTS BEFORE EDITING, as if it is blank, uneditable or 0, it is a dead version of the unit and you should NOT attempt to edit this unit.

8: When inputting values, something 10000 for health is decent enough along with editing all armor/attack values on the left side for changes to be effective(note the sidebar list of all forms and effects your unit has from attacking or being hit by certain units/projectiles; you will have to edit them all to have an effect on all these unit types i.e instant 8000 damage to "aircraft", "ground vehicles", "buildings" ect.). Inserting values too high(like 2000000 hitpoints) may make it default to a negative (i.e. your 2000000 hitpoint unit dies upon spawning/being built). Compare your unit armour or killing values with "Simonthekillerewok" to get a good idea to making a cheat/trainer/über unit.

9: Finally, however, OF MOST IMPORTANCE!!! I do not know if this program contains a malicious virus, although I havn't found anthing scanning it or anything else on my computer after install with Microsoft Security Essentials. Also, I do not know if the program or dangerous editing will have long-term, significant harmful effects to your computer like crashing, slow performance or harddrive-wipes.I have not come across these or other notable problems to my computer since its use and download. [[It is advised you competant or skilled enough to follow a guide like this one at minimum to not screw anything up in your game too much i.e. advanced/moderate level modders]]


It is not a simple trainer file where you hit 1 on Numpad, get invincible units and win, but it allows for more advanced modding. Wow, stuff like this, Trainer-makers like Calibur would just speed through blind-folded in 60 seconds or less. Makes you really appreciate the complex and advanced stuff the Cheat makers here at Cheat Happens have to go through so we can just press that "[numpad 1]" to be invincible.

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