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Death of the cheats
Shotgunmaniac  posted on Apr 26, 2012 9:30:37 PM - Report post

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I'd probably have less fun with games overall. I'm kind of odd like that - I like to plan out my characters in RPGs and such by using the trainers to test out what different talent/skill builds will be like down the line, then take the best plan and load a clean save to play without the trainer.

Passive skills and weapon upgrade systems are the only true weaknesses a game can exploit to get into my pants.

Yoshi  posted on Apr 27, 2012 7:51:27 PM - Report post

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I guess in a sort of nostalgic way, I'd feel sad. I've had an account on this website since 2004 (made the account when I was only 11). I've kinda grown up without the community though. I stopped visiting the website for, I think, two years or so, only to come back for another year or two before taking a hiatus again. The only time I ever visit now is whenever I remember "hey, that CheatHappens website exists, and I haven't checked it for awhile. I'll check it." Kinda like what I'm doing right now. It's a cool website to visit every now and then, and there are probably a lot of people that would be disheartened if CheatHappens were to go down, but as for myself, I didn't grow up visiting enough for it to become a part of my life.
latios_power  posted on Apr 27, 2012 8:49:17 PM - Report post

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I'll feel sad, really sad, not because I want the cheats, and even maybe not for the community purpose, but just not visiting this site makes me sad regardless of why I log-in everyday.
JohnnyBNL  posted on Apr 27, 2012 11:53:03 PM - Report post

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I would be like i mean, i love cheating in Single-Player if something does not go as planned if i (for example) die in a game, and that three times in a row i go like that... So when that happens, the cheat trainer jumps in. GOD MODE ON.
Hells_nuke  posted on May 01, 2012 8:02:32 PM - Report post

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DOOM DOOM DOOM and thats what I'd say and do if cheat happens went offline, its would break my heart to know that I have to look somewhere else for cheats, going through all virus filled sites just to find out there is no cheats for the game I am looking for.


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dstates  posted on May 01, 2012 10:25:21 PM - Report post

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I would eat a taco, slap a kitten, then save the world...all while trying to combat the bad news of the loss of this site with some good news, I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Gieco
Ladst3r  posted on May 03, 2012 8:55:46 PM - Report post

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Honestly... I probably wouldn't notice. lol, no offense.
I don't go on CHU that much anymore. Just every now and then to check on things.

However, that being said, this site is definitely a place of nostalgia for me. In fact, this is the first site I ever became a member of (besides my hotmail account). So once I got around to checking back here, seeing it offline would definitely be disappointing.

Mirraluka  posted on May 05, 2012 12:52:27 AM - Report post

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originally posted by Evanscense

Well I'm not here to use cheats\trainers, etc. So that doesn't really make difference for me.

So my Friend and we are Friends what are you on CHU for,don't say for the topic input please because i am sure you would have greater things to do, i presume,and please please do not take offense at the Question,after all your statement is your words.

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