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Things Are Changing at CH ...
PWizard  posted on Apr 23, 2012 8:25:07 PM - Report post

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First of all, you have probably noticed some changes in our header and footer areas. We have minimalized the information in these areas to bring a faster and cleaner browser experience. We've also changed the color scheme up a bit. While not exactly as it will be in the end, this was the closest we could get it without re-writing all of the pages throughout the site. This change is PHASE I of a long-needed site re-design. Working closely with the experts at SiteTuners.com and SEO.com, we have drawn up our vision for the new CH. We have come up with a plan to phase in the new design instead of trying to change this massive site all at once like we have done in the past. This will also help the transition for both users and the search engines.

We know that some of the colors and pages don't quite match up like they should, but again, this was the best we could do without a massive amount of re-working pages that will simply be redesigned within the next phase anyways.

While the content itself will not change, the way in which it is delivered will change and quite dramatically in some areas. We will be eliminating some pages and features that are rarely used so that we can focus on getting you the content you care about quicker and easier.

Cheat Happens has evolved over the last 10 years and essentially we have piled feature on top of feature and content on top of content to a point where it has become a cluttered and over-blown bit of a mess. The key with the redesign is to simplify everything across the site. Simplified navigation, simplified content listings, improved search functionality and more are all planned.

The next phase will be the HOMEPAGE and primary SUB PAGES redesign.

The final phase will be the remainder of the pages.

We hope to have PHASE II online within the next week and then the final phase within 2-3 weeks.

While we welcome any comments, it would be most beneficial after the process is COMPLETE once you see how everything fits together. We appreciate your patience with us while we transition to the new design and hope that we can deliver on everything we have envisioned.

forty-two  posted on Apr 23, 2012 8:32:13 PM - Report post

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So far, so good!
TMH  posted on Apr 23, 2012 8:33:31 PM - Report post

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Can't wait to see the finished product.
lamile  posted on Apr 23, 2012 8:35:42 PM - Report post

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I'm already digging the top header and I think the dark color is classy.
Can't wait for the updates ^^
benduhova  posted on Apr 23, 2012 9:06:37 PM - Report post

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It looks very mature and professional digging it
Shotgunmaniac  posted on Apr 23, 2012 9:45:41 PM - Report post

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I like the new headers, especially if they're an indicator of where things are going. Long as we have the forums and trainers, I doubt any sane member could protest streamlining and sprucing up the site.

I do have a suggestion/opinion/probably stupid idea, however. Somewhere down the line, (if it's not already the plan) it might be prudent to either change the background color to match the new headers or offer a profile option to use an alternate theme. I get migraines/cluster headaches pretty much daily, so the bright, solid whites can be a tad painful to look at for any length of time. It's easy enough to use a Chrome extension to swap background/text/link colors, but it has some drawbacks and doesn't hold a candle to a site using a good color scheme of its own.

Just something to consider, I suppose. Hope the transition is as smooth as possible for the staff, lord knows you work finger-to-bone enough as is.

HonestGamer  posted on Apr 23, 2012 11:43:17 PM - Report post

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Always good to see some changes, but somehow I liked the good old CH design more.
Evanscense  posted on Apr 24, 2012 2:36:15 AM - Report post

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WOW... Looks great. We really needed a change.

But I'm going to ask for a small feature for reviewers. Will be there a way to edit your review after submitting ? Maybe a mistake is made and you have skipped it. Thanks.

[Edited by Evanscense, 4/24/2012 2:37:41 AM]

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