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Shepard indoctrinated?
Skyheart  posted on Mar 14, 2012 5:39:16 AM - Report post

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Baha, that's made my day.

ServiusTheBear  posted on Mar 14, 2012 5:45:56 AM - Report post

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originally posted by Skyheart


Baha, that's made my day.

Yeah I was like um um um wtf where the heck did. eh....

Drakonis  posted on Mar 14, 2012 6:27:25 AM - Report post

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Mass Effect 3 Not The End for the Series

In an interview with Forbes, Bioware co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk were asked what the future held for the Mass Effect series after the thi

Posted by: Tate Steinlage

Tweet In an interview with Forbes, Bioware co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk were asked what the future held for the Mass Effect series after the third game ships. Though not surprisingly, each gave answers that hinted toward more Mass Effect. Both Muzyaka's and Zeschuk's responses can be seen below:

Greg Zeschuk: "Certainly the setting has really resonated with people, the type of aliens in the world, the type of people that inhabit space. Obviously we focus first and foremost on nailing it on this game, and then, you know, the possibilities in the future are very, very broad."

Ray Muzyka: "We want to make sure it’s awesome. [Mass Effect 3] is our first focus. Beyond that, we do have a desire to continue the Mass Effect franchise, and we’re working on the details, figuring out what the fans want, figuring out the right way."

With a vast universe, diverse characters, and fantastic storytelling, Mass Effect should have no trouble moving on once Mass Effect 3 releases.

Skyheart  posted on Mar 14, 2012 9:39:31 AM - Report post

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Note from the start: sorry for the double post, but this is too long for one.

Okay, so I got bored and decided to do my own little list based on the one Drakonis' copied from somewhere (I won't quote, or the post'll be annoyingly long). I'll start with saying that these are my own opinions and conclusions I've based on what I've seen myself. So by no means am I saying that Drakonis, or the original author is wrong, I just disagree with a lot of it. The original post is on this page, about half way down (hint: it's the really long one ). Link.

1. This one no one can contradict; theories are fine. In a game like this, theories are more opinionated, but that's neither here nor there.
2. That's probably the initial report. Until Shepard checks in, there's no way to know if anyone survived the blast.
3. No different than a Paragon/Renegade choice, where someone lives with Paragon or dies with Renegade. We know things changed based on EMS. You never actually see your squad running towards the Conduit either.
4. There's also a lot of bodies, most of which are completely clean and unscathed. It's probably just an oversight in the modelling/texture department.
5. It would probably take more time to incorporate the ammo system into that sequence than to just give you a gun with no ammo count, since, like you said, there's nothing but a few enemies to shoot at.
6. Shepard's gun = probably the first weapon he found on the ground. First thing I'd do after that situation, especially smack-bang in the middle of enemy controlled territory, would be to find a weapon.
7. Same reason Shepard didn't report to Coats. Once they were up at the Citadel, outside communications would probably be blocked. As for how Anderson got to the console quicker, he appears to be far less injured than Shepard. Plus he probably got onto his feet and moving earlier.
8. Again, easier to create a body pile of the same character model with different clothing, than to work hard making individual looking corpses which none but a few will actually pay attention to.
9. Actually, he says the wall in front of him reconfigured itself, i.e. the door opened. He says it looks like Shep's description of the Collector base because there are piles of discarded and bloody corpses everywhere, just like the Collector's ship.
10. Either a coincidence, or re-used models to save time. That method is used all over the games industry.
11. Didn't notice that text, but unless you can say there's a meaning behind "1M1" then it's no more meaningful than text on a wall that says you're in the bathroom. The fact it's mirrored just means the texture has been mirrored for an opposite wall. Maybe purposeful, maybe a lazy oversight.
12. A lot of characters seem to appear out of nowhere. It's just they come into the scene, and there's no point in wasting time showing him walking through the door - it kinda kills the surprise.
13. The oily black lines are indeed either TIM or one of the Reapers trying to control Shepard, but they only occur once you're on the Citadel and in the presence of TIM, right at the heart of the Reapers power centre. It makes sense for them to try and control him at that point. Shepard could turn the tide of the battle in either direction.
14. I think that's just the re-use of prior textures from ME2/other parts of ME3. Again, quicker to re-use those than spend time making new textures very few are going to pay attention to, when they could spend that time on more important things.
15. I don't see how this is relevant. We know TIM is indoctrinated, just like Saren, but just like Saren you can force your way through the indictrination and make him realise what he's doing is wrong. The only way to stop it is to take his own life. This doesn't have anything to do with Shepard dreaming or being indoctrinated, unless the battle with Saren was the same.
16. The Citadel's arms opened, meaning someone got through to the control centre. It's easy to assume it was Shepard. Also, when the arms opened, whatever was blocking communications was disabled also.
17. It's just a type of hologram I think, or the Guardian is sending a signal into Shepards mind in order to speak with him, appearing as the child from his dreams.
18. Again, plenty of things are altered by your EMS. I don't understand what this has to do with Shepard being indoctrinated/dreaming. Actually, I don't see what the EMS has to do with dreaming or indoctrination at all.
19. And sometimes I'm sure I can hear my mum calling for me to go downstairs, but it turns out I'm just hearing things.
20. He puts emphesis on why the Destroy option would be bad because he himself is synthetic life (or he seems like he is to me), not to mention the Reapers are his too. It's obvious that he wouldn't want you to take that option, and uses the fact that Shepard would die, along with all of the Geth (also insinuating EDI would also die, as she's synthetic) hoping that would put him off.
21. Again, he controls the Reapers, so if Shepard were to take the Control option, the Guardian would lose everything, maybe even be killed in the process. 20 and 21 are all about self preservation.
22. The Reapers were designed and built to destroy advanced civilisations before they could destroy themselves along with the entire Galaxy. That is the Reapers only purpose. Nothing to do with Synthesis.
23. By choosing Synthesis or Control, Shepard gives his life to save the Galaxy. And by killing himself, he does indeed save everyone. I don't see how that's Shepard losing. That's what his goal has been all along.

[Edited by Skyheart, 3/14/2012 9:40:10 AM]

Skyheart  posted on Mar 14, 2012 9:40:33 AM - Report post

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24. And Synthesis is green. Colours are meaningless. A lot of people I've talked to actually agree that Sythesis is the good ending, including people here.
25. I don't see how this has anything to do with it, as Shepard lives and the Reapers are destroyed. You win. What I will say though, is that it's annoying he lives in the bad ending and dies in the better/good endings.
26. This is just silly. No offense. It could just as easily be a way for the writers to show the player that their ship and crew survive the conflict and outcome.
27. He was instantaniously beamed up to the Citadel. Is it really so difficult to assume he was just as easily transported back down to the place he came up from? Especially by an obviously advanced being such as the Guardian?
28. I agree that I wondered about the comment by Vega about the humming noise, but if it was anything to do with indoctrination it would have affected everyone aboard the ship. I can't comment on the Reaper IFF though, since I never heard that piece of information from EDI. Again, if it is there, and it was anything more than an IFF signal, it would affect everyone.
29. To me, the dreams are a sign of Shepard's mental state. The child is a representation of those he couldn't save on Earth, and the increasing number of shadows in the dream are representative of all of the people who have died while Shepard is still alive. As for Shepard's image embracing the child, I can't explain that one- I'm not a psychologist. I'd summise, though, that, again it's Shepard's desire to save innocent lives, but being unable to. Maybe even it's Shepard realising and/or accepting that victory may come at the cost of his own life.
30. Moot point. He hasn't been around Reaper tech long enough for it to affect him in that way. The only reason it was so powerful on the citadel was because, like I said, he's standing at the very heart of their power.
31. Just because no one helps the kid up doesn't mean no one noticed him. If by Anderson asking what Shepard was doing you mean when he was by the duct, Anderson was in the other room seeing what was there during that scene. He could have called him from inside the room, since you only hear him call, not see him at the door.
32. Not necessarily. Everyone reacts differently to that kind of situation, even kids. If my planet was being destroyed by alien machines taller than the tallest buildings, I'd be pretty much "well ****, we're screwed".
33. I never heard any growl, and I've been through that part of the game four times now. The only thing I hear is the kid moving in the ventilation shaft.
34. Refer to my above point.
35. He can't be not really there, and yet be the one Shepard couldn't save. Points are starting to contradict themselves. I read "the face of humanity of one that Shepard couldn't save" as he remembers the childs face because he really couldn't save him. Refer to point 29.
36. And the Reaper you destroy on Rannoch speaks a whole lot. And? Lack of speech is not an argument for rubbing it in his face.
37. Another moot point. Refer to my other points saying Guardian isn't Harbinger. Also, there's no way he could predict which option Shepard would choose, even with persuasion. If it's Harbinger, why wouldn't he just destroy Shepard or the Crucible when Shepard headed to the destroy option?
38. Good point, and very true. Has nothing to do with the argument though.
39. If you control or synthesis, you're essentially merging with the machine(s). I can't speak for control, but in synthesis, Shepards whole body starts to turn green as it disintegrates/merges. Again, eye colour means nothing.

Sorry, some of the points won't make much sense unless you go back and forth between this post and Drakonis', but the post would really be too long if I quoted it.

I'll end this by reiterating my point that this is my own opinions based on my own observations. I intend no insult or offense by contradicting the earlier posted list, or in the manner which I may have said some things. It just goes to show how widely opinions can vary when offered so little information. Finally, I'm not saying I'm right and the guy who wrote the other list is wrong. Again, opinions vary.

Hah, and I was worried about the post being too long if I quoted the original post...

[Edited by Skyheart, 3/14/2012 9:56:12 AM]

eatgreencrayons  posted on Mar 14, 2012 11:43:34 AM - Report post

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I was just wondering, why having a cycle of destruction pointed at -synthetic- life was never thought of as an option. Considering the whole reason the cycle seemingly started was to prevent synthetics from killing every organic ever, wouldn't it be a better option to wipe out any sufficiently advanced synthetic race rather than everyone else? ALSO since the guardian supposedly controls the reapers, couldn't it just tell them all to go away and stop killing everyone?

Apart from the lack of final ending options, the whole take back earth mission itself was less awesome than it could have been. Why not do something similar to Mass Effect 2 where you actually interact with all the people you've picked up along the way, using your knowledge of their abilities to get through an impossible situation? The way everyone outside of your 3 man squad was just kind of background scenery was pretty limp and lame.

techowl  posted on Mar 14, 2012 12:00:51 PM - Report post

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i didnt read more than first page but can anybody tell me the new game+ ending and i got my cousin to change the files a little so i could save everywhere also in combat so but as i read this i see controll the reapers was wrong and seing the humanity being cut off from the galaxy made me cry and tell myself how stupid i was i had 5000 points so i thought it would be good all

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From what I know, there is no NG+ ending. The clip which people thought was only NG+ is the scene you see after the credits have finished rolling. I think the only requirement for seeing it is importing an ME2 save.
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