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Mass Effect 3 trainer crashes game
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    LudicrusLeon posted on Dec 11, 2012 2:07:49 PM - Report post
    I have a question... Why is there a link to h4xOr at the bottom of many of the posts on CH?

    It is apparently a link to a site that speciallizes in NoCD hacks and trainers for among other things, multiplayer games...

    And. When I clicked on it the other day it took me to a locked site by the same name..

    Isn't this link a violation of the statement above about hosting such files here or linking to such files??

    Just a question!! In any case. Since the site it leads to is locked.. Shouldn't this link be removed from CH postings??

    I mean...
    It does present an apparent conflict with CH policies.
    Doesn't it?

    [Edited by LudicrusLeon, 12/11/2012 2:14:45 PM]

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    dstates posted on Dec 11, 2012 2:15:46 PM - Report post
    just read the paragraph on the 'locked site' that the link directs you to and you will have your explanation.
    originally posted by

    Who is "h4x0r"? h4x0r is Jose Francisco SANCHEZ ROMERO, idiot son of José Andrés SÁNCHEZ DOMÍNGUEZ and María Soledad ROMERO LACARTA (they must be SO proud), all residing in ATECA, SPAIN, population 347 people and 597 chickens.
    Not only is h4x0r a dirty RIPPER, he's also an idiot LIAR. His trainers also spread MALWARE on top of that. You have been warned.

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    shadowspid posted on Apr 11, 2014 5:18:48 AM - Report post
    I have problem with the Origin Digital Download version.. it was working fine... now it crashes.

    Can i please have some advise?
    Could it be Windows 8.1 issue?
    or Origin patched?

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    ServiusTheBear posted on Apr 11, 2014 6:23:47 AM - Report post
    Origin does not auto patch. From how I used it. It could be 8.1.
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