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"Pretty" people get further in life...
Monkey007  posted on Mar 03, 2012 6:00:55 AM - Report post

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originally posted by drpepperfanatic

originally posted by Monkey007

originally posted by king-of-games

originally posted by drpepperfanatic

I've actually discussed this in my professional development courses. There have been studies that suggest if all other factors were equal (both candidates were equally qualified and such) the attractive person would get hired. I don't know if it is intentional or not, but I definitely would say that it exists in the business/corporate world.

Exactly... Lets assume all other area's are equal since looks don't determine your intellegences and education, I'd much rather have picked the attrctive one to represent my company then the less attractive one considering all other factors are equal.

But that would mean that the 'pretty person' has one factor (looks, obviously) over the 'less pretty person', which means they are no longer equal.

People will always take the best that they can get.

That's why I said all other factors being equal.

So you did. Sorry about that.

QueenNic  posted on Mar 04, 2012 7:12:09 AM - Report post

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originally posted by king-of-games

... do you think it's true that those blessed with looks are more likely to have better jobs and a higher quality lifestyle than those who are not?

It varies, sometimes yes and sometimes no.

When it comes to relationships it's often better to not be the epitome of physical perfection. Those who aren't mind-blowingly attractive work harder to keep their partner happy and are overall considered a better catch because of it. This can apply to other aspects of life as well, those who aren't able to sail through life on good looks compensate through personality. In a way this means it's better to be slightly less attractive than perfect, and those who are amazingly good-looking will often live with the insecurity that they're only liked for appearance and not for who they really are.

There are rich and successful people who look like the backside of a horse, so I guess beautiful people only really have the advantage if it's a job that relies heavily on image. Besides, what's considered attractive varies depending on people and culture. It's really one of those Your Mileage May Vary things, IMO.

akaNL  posted on Mar 04, 2012 7:37:28 AM - Report post

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As far as jobs go and things like that.
It's true beautiful people go further in life and easier 2.
It's a matter of math, lots of people, few beautiful ones, then they get better treated because you don't see them everyday.
It's like they are special in some way or form because they are rare.


Thank god we geeks, nerds and freaks are better at gaming or this site would have not existed.

kyle939  posted on Mar 05, 2012 3:13:53 AM - Report post

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Made me laugh at the thread name and the comments.

Is it some what in a way true in the sales department. I remember watching something on TV about it, that people are more prone to buy something from a person who is more attractive an has no real visible problems, to a person who is the opposite.

Caliber  posted on Mar 05, 2012 5:20:51 AM - Report post

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kate upton blew up after her announcement and appearance in SI as cover model.

look how 'hard' they 'work' in this video.

having an appearance that society deems as 'pretty' is definitely advantageous. being 'tall' on a basketball team is going to be an advantage.

the point is not to hate what god gave others, but to use what YOU have to the best of your ability and to your advantage. it's a blessing. sometimes being 'pretty' has it's disadvantages. trust me, i am the best looking guy on this planet and it is just terrible sometimes (just kidding!)


saurabhfzd  posted on Mar 05, 2012 6:20:28 AM - Report post

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it does give an edge. but it can only get u so far...probably like getting ur foot through the door...in the long run ur abilities and ur qualifications will matter most.
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