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CE with resources
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    MrDorz posted on Feb 20, 2012 12:53:04 PM - Report post
    i know you can 'hack' cutlass as well as money with CE in patrican 3, but, i have a question. Can you do the same with resources in storage? if yes, please tell me how. i know that the basic search doesn't work
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    Barubary posted on Oct 05, 2015 11:10:08 AM - Report post
    Dude, i'm replying this 3 years later XD

    I tried doing the same may years ago, using CE. Still, i haven't found the answer... until yesterday.

    Using this method, you can hack:

    resources= from fish oil to wine, all of them

    weapons = from swords to cutlasses, the crossbows, muskets, all

    How to do it?

    Well, let's say, you have stored 100 cannons in your office (replace cannons with everything you can think, it works the same for pig iron than bombards)
    Use CE, and look for "unknown value" on scan type, now, on value type, you put "all" not only binary or 4 bytes or such... it will give 70million of results...

    then, load 2 cannons (it will be 98 now on your office) instead of looking for an "exact value", look for "decreased value" NOT "DECREASED BY" it will show the values lowered in the span of time, it will show 3 million of results (much better now)

    load 2 more cannons (96) and keep looking for decreased values... repeat the process 6 or 7 times (if your ship is full of cannons, unload them all to the office, look for increased value and repeat the process. ITS A MUST, EVERYTIME YOU LOAD CANNONS/ GOODS, LOAD THEM ON PAIRS, NOT IMPAIRS, YOU TRUST ME. 2, 4 6 cannons every search. loading 1 cannon or 3 cannons may disrupt the search so BEWARE.

    Eventually, you'll come across 20 or 15 results. 3 or them will show the current value of the cannons / goods in office, let's say at the moment you have 88 cannons in office, well you'll have 3 values in the list showing "88", if you unload 2 cannons to the office the value will be "90", all of them will change to 90. You can try changing them all to 999 but they will reset to 90, so no point on trying that by now.

    Here, you have 2 choices:

    CHOICE 1

    If you're under Pisces zodiac sign, like me, you can feel your gut instinct / psychic power which never fail us and look the value which rules those 3 with your mind's eye.

    How to discover it? When you change the value (in the game) and leave 88 cannons instead of 90, there's a big 8 or 4 byte value which changes too (There's also a chance there's 2 values which are the same, it happens sometimes but not always, also, those 2 values may be big but different, they work too). Suspicious uh? This value(s) seems to govern the 88 one, so, when you change it(them), you'll see the three 88's value changing magically too, DONT GET DISTRACTED BY THE OTHER VALUES, they increase / decrease with the 88's too, but they doesn't have anything to see with our goal, the main clue is that the value we're looking for is a big value, 4 or 8 bytes. This value(s) is(are) random, it may be ranging from 40000 to 60000, or even hitting millions, 4m, 5m, etc, usually long numbers like 5892351 etc... if you FROZE those values, you can keep extracting cannons / goods from the 88 base and they will never deplete. You can arm 20 galleons and you'll still have 88 canons.

    CHOICE 2

    What if you're not Pisces? No psi at all?

    Hmm well, you can still look at the 3 88's value and look for the pointer / assembler stuff. I have no real skill on this part, but i'm sure other people can, specially those who're Capricorn or Libra, those evil dudes, always a step forward on all job / study stuff, what a hard rivals!... As far as i know, one can select one of the values, attach the debugger, that thing of: "what WRITES (not accesses)this address" and change it (in the game):

    88 => 90

    The debugger will show a value (address), you can either replace it with NOP (it didn't worked, crashed the game for me) or look for that address yourself and change its value (i add a 0 at the end, multiplying by 10) Or i just froze it.

    If you haven't figured my advise out, i'll send you the saved game by email so you look it for yourself, for example, i have a ship with 200 sailors and 1000 hp using this method (the psi one) I can beat all the pirates in a hideout with 1 caravel with frozen hp and frozen sailors, that way i can capture all the ships without losing mine. It's funny! TO ALL THE PEOPLE TRYING THIS: DON'T SURRENDER! I CAN DO IT SO YOU CAN TOO! DON'T FORGET TO SHARE IF YOU FIND A BETTER SOLUTION PLZZZ!! Well unless you're Cap or Lib, in that case, i bet you have a cold heart and willn't share...

    I would like to be of more help, but i'm still noobie on this stuff, all i have is my gut instinct, it works SO good for me.

    Any stuff regarding this matter: send to this email = I can also send you screenies so you just copy my moves and find the addresses right.

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