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  Mass Effect 3 Trainer
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    Send a message to PWizard
    PWizard posted on Mar 08, 2012 5:52:10 AM - Report post
    NOTICE -- If you are having crashes with UNL SHIELD, please send us a savegame with repeatable instructions along with which trainer you are using (ORIGIN or DVD).
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    Send a message to Caliber
    Caliber posted on Mar 08, 2012 5:57:47 AM - Report post
    originally posted by fatjivi

    its not that unlimited shield cant be tweaked...its just that CH has not been able to find out how it works...dont get me wrong u guys have more options than any free trainer out there but i can name a free trainer in which unlimited shield works without crashing and im currently using that only
    and yes unlimited health doesnt make u makes dying more difficult

    i tested the trainer through 2 full missions with NO CRASHES. if one of the shield crashing complainers would give me what i ask for i could look at it.

    1) which version of the game do you have
    2) is it origin, retail, or crack?
    3) can you send a savegame where this problem repeatably occurs?

    without those things, your complaints are going to fall on deaf ears. i cannot fix what i cannot replicate as 'broken' here.

    telling me i don't know how the shield works, btw, or that some dink free trainer is somehow 'better' than ours isn't motivational either.

    [Edited by Caliber, 3/8/2012 5:58:23 AM]

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    Send a message to lagmer
    lagmer posted on Mar 08, 2012 6:05:42 AM - Report post
    Increase Paragon doesn't work but i can level with Renegade.

    Someone have the same trouble?
    Maybe I can increase Paragon points with the Coalesced editor?

    I'm really close to maximum Paragon but can't choose a very important Charm dialouge at the end...
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    Send a message to Drakonis
    Drakonis posted on Mar 08, 2012 6:07:21 AM - Report post
    Wow, thanks for the updated trainer guys. You rock!

    I haven't had any problems with the unlimited shields myself.
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    Send a message to Kiriai
    Kiriai posted on Mar 08, 2012 6:48:25 AM - Report post
    originally posted by dave11674

    originally posted by Heratic

    I figured out why the game isn't up to date, you need to update it manually by right clicking on the Origin game and then clicking "Check for update". That should then update it to the latest version of the game.


    not all of us use crappy origin


    Not sure how you're not using Origin as the first thing that happens when you stick a retail DVD in your computer is that the installer tells you it MUST install Origin. Then ORIGIN has to activate your retail key, then ORIGIN installs your game. In fact, near as I can tell, the only difference between Retail and Origin download version is that with the retail you get the disks to install it with instead of having to wait for 10GB of data to download (which even on a 1.5MB/s connection would still take just shy of 2 hours, assuming you remain at that speed the entire download).

    So you say no Origin... does that mean you're a dirty pirate?

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    Send a message to ShadowRD
    ShadowRD posted on Mar 08, 2012 6:53:55 AM - Report post
    Origin Trainer doesn't work, I press F1, but nothing happens.
    After say 4 times pressing F1 I get activated, but it starts to endlessly repeat the word on and on until I close the trainer.

    I have no idea how to fix that I also have deleted the trainer and downloaded it many times over again without any success
    Play the game first then use cheats or trainers.
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    Send a message to iGamer
    iGamer posted on Mar 08, 2012 6:54:21 AM - Report post
    Its the only way he's not using Origin, which also means he didn't pay for the game.. which is all I'm gonna say on that, otherwise I would rant till my 6000 character limit was up lol.
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    Send a message to becauz
    becauz posted on Mar 08, 2012 6:57:44 AM - Report post
    The trainer for the demo worked, but the one for the actual game I can't get to work. Every time I try it shuts down the game........What can I do to get it to work. I tried both versions. Same results. I am using the retail version bought at GameSpot store..But for some reason the trainer will not work.. Help..

    [Edited by becauz, 3/8/2012 7:03:24 AM]
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