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Console Cheats
Gideon25  posted on Feb 06, 2012 4:11:45 PM - Report post

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Ya, all good stuff. One thing to remember is when adding xp, Like:
addxp 6000 0 1

"0" is the ARMY itself (main hero is zero, morgana I think is 1 and the other one is 2).
"1" is the SLOT itself that the unit or hero takes in the army loadout of units on the army screen (where you click on your different units ingame). Each army can have a total of 18 units/heroes. The slots are numbered from 0-17. The heroes usually get the first slots (main hero for army is slot 0, the next hero is 1, then 2 etc.).

Now, you should make sure you DO NOT addxp 0 18 THERE IS NO 18th SLOT- its 0-17. First slot is 0! Putting in 18 for me completely crashed the game every time!

Also for movement you can type in 9600 over and over again and give you hero a MASSIVE actionpoint/movement bar.

Ryssen89  posted on Feb 09, 2012 11:17:33 AM - Report post

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hit ctrl + shift + 1 and it'll bring up the console

Does not bring up the console for me

imaculate  posted on Feb 10, 2012 2:51:48 AM - Report post

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edited: figured it out.

[Edited by imaculate, 2/10/2012 3:47:23 AM]

Damios  posted on Feb 10, 2012 8:11:22 AM - Report post

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This is what i found regarding the Ladies for those that don't want to look:

Arianne Vivianne Beatrix Lucretia Essylt Geminia Naevia Freya Aerona Nesta Nolia Lisanor Clarissant Enide Isabella Ganieda Ninive Avarona Melissa Ethelind Igritte

And these are traits i found

Traits=cursed, masterbuilder,greenfingers

Some of the traits could be random, but not sure. There could be more ladies, also not sure.

The Next are the artifacts (the Unique's):


Sword_of_the_Chieftain Dragon_Armour Dragon_ring Dragon_blade Banner_of_the_Lost_Kings Crown_of_the_Lost_Kings Ring_of_Lugh Neklace_of_Lugh
Harp_of_Dagda Blade_of_the_Fianna Sulla_Family_Amulet Spear_of_Queen_Mab Blade_of_Morrigu Soul_Ring Wizard_Armour Wizard_ring Red_Dragon_blade
Banner_of_Dana Crown_of_Dana Ring_of_Uriel Neklace_of_Uriel Amulet_of_Avalon Gold_Dragon_blade Spear_of_Nuada Sword_of_Dana Banner_of_Raiders
Banner_of_Bran Bloodfang Stormblade_of_Taranis

Quest Artifacts

Soul_of_Morgana The_fauns_Flute Bracelet_of_the_Icethorn_Prince Pendant_of_Health Staff_of_Aistlin Talisman_of_the_Dragon_Lord
Staff_of_the_Spirit_Serpent Serpent_Staff_of_the_One_Eyed_God Spirit_Walker_Mask Dragon_Skull Collar_of_Control Mist_Crystal Samhain_Crystal
Grater_Samhain_Crystal Spirit_Crystal

Recept Artifacts (meaning the end result artifact from the recipe).

Ring_of_the_Magus Amulet_of_the_Red_Dragon Amulet_of_the_Gold_Dragon Staff_of_the_Thunder_God Soul_of_Bedegraine Axe_of_Mak_Morn Blade_of_Bran
Shield_of_protection Blood_of_Firbolg Greatsword_of_Gabriel Armour_of_Gabriel Banner_of_Cuchulainn Ring_of_the_Sidhe Banner_of_Deepwood
Helmet_of_Queen_Mab Helmet_of_Lugh

Sets of Artifacts

Staff_of_the_Blind_Hermit Charm_of_the_Blind_Hermit Amulet_of_the_Blind_Hermit
The_Younger_Twin, The_Older_Twin
The_Black_Staff_of_the_Archdruids, Unicorn_Talisman_of_the_Archdruids, Gryphon_Talisman_of_the_Archdruids
Lightning_Blade_of_Sir_Marrick, Thunder_Blade_of_Sir_Marrick, Plate_of_Sir_Marrick
Sword_of_Sir_Brandon, Ring_of_Sir_Brandon, Cape_of_Sir_Brandon, Amulet_of_Sir_Brandon
Sword_of_the_Galdiator, Blade_of_the_Galdiator, Armour_of_the_Galdiator
Banner_of_Gorlois, Ring_of_Gorlois, Armour_of_Gorlois
Flail_of_the_Wolf_Lord, Banner_of_the_Wolf_Lord, Amulet_of_the_Wolf_Lord
Hammer_of_Cumhaill, Helmet_of_Cumhaill, Dragon_Ring_of_Cumhaill
Nuadas_Sword_of_Light, Nuadas_Charm_of_the_Darkest_Night, Nuadas_Ring_of_the_Last_Breath

Misc (not sure what these are)
Hipersword Mighty_ring Mighty_armour Mighty_sword

In game there will also be random artifacts with different names, these are artifacts choosen from a set of names and attribute's randomly.

Not sure how the console cheats would work regarding this, but these are the names anyway.

[Edited by Damios, 2/10/2012 8:14:12 AM]

ghostdog1  posted on Feb 13, 2012 3:22:26 PM - Report post

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How can i give leadershippoints to other heros??

if i tip addleadership 30, only william gets the points. i have tried to select the other hero but it doesn´t work.

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