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PWizard  posted on Feb 01, 2012 3:30:14 PM - Report post

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We released *20* trainers for this ONE game. This game has been patched more than *30 TIMES* since it's release a few short months ago. Some patches happen literally MINUTES after the previous one.

This game developer is the WORST we have ever seen in the HISTORY of gaming.

Obviously this game should have sat on the shelf for another year or more. They could have hired some third graders to test this game better than their in-house people. If I had a job and I had ONE PROJECT to work on and I ****ed it up *30 TIMES* then I should probably look for another line of work. These game developers should do the same. SERIOUSLY.

To all those that would like to complain about the game being retired, please direct your complaints to the TRENDY dev team. Our TOS does not state that we have to release a trainer for ANY game, let alone EVERY GAME and certainly not A GAME THAT PATCHES 30 TIMES OR MORE. We updated our trainer 20 times. Sorry, but we cannot continue to waste time updating a trainer for a game that is forever broken and where the trainer works for a whole 10 minutes. We have other customers playing other games that equally deserve our attention.

Genesis985  posted on Feb 01, 2012 4:11:59 PM - Report post

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Personally i would have stopped working on the trainer the moment they started monitoring the trendynet servers, even though we still had the normal online mode which allowed the use of the trainer, there was still the issue with the trainer causing a stat reset if your values went too high.

I Feel the same about SS3, especially since your trainer has a CF modifier in it which really doesn't do anything in the modable version of the game,since it has no leader-board and the main game will ban you from the leader-board the moment it is pressed.

CJ  posted on Feb 01, 2012 6:02:12 PM - Report post

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The stat reset had nothing to do with the Trainer, stats were hard coded to not be allowed to go over a certain amount, if it did the level would be reset the next time the game was started.

In any case.. i told you guys the game was gonna be patched alot due to the screw ups Trendy did and you didnt listen.

but yeah 20 trainers is alot for a single game, which is understandable for you guys..

but i still tried to give you a heads up to avoid retiring the trainer.

PWizard  posted on Feb 01, 2012 6:25:51 PM - Report post

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Well, the last time you gave us a "heads up" and said that you talked to Trendy personally and they said "no more patches for a week" and then they updated the game 5 more times in 24 hours. So, your "heads up" don't really mean much any more.
PWizard  posted on Feb 01, 2012 7:18:08 PM - Report post

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BTW, what's worse is that instead of focusing on fixing the actual game, they continue to pump out more and more DLC so they can squeeze even more money out of you guys. Who cares about fixing problems for people that already paid for the game, let's see how much more money we can get from people before they realize what a scam it is!
TheFreeman  posted on Feb 01, 2012 10:36:39 PM - Report post

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So because you guys cant keep up with a few updates. Is there a way i could update this myself.
fullmetal5550_old  posted on Feb 01, 2012 11:04:15 PM - Report post

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You know a game is full of glitches and bugs when the developers put out 30 patches for it. I was thinking about purchasing it but I think I will skip it seeing how broken it is.
Akulov  posted on Feb 01, 2012 11:44:43 PM - Report post

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You have other customers?!? I am your customer,so what about me?! Last year a paid 39,95$ for a few trainers,and this year a paid 39,95$ only for this trainer! Am not such a cheater who cheating in every single game,but if i need to pay 40$ for a few trainer per year i will pay. And now you took a trainer away from me,and i am even not "deserve your attention"! This how you treat customers?! Yes,i agree,to many trainers for one game. But god damn it,you are CH,you have to do what you have to do! It's your job,please do it. I have paid money for nothing,cause no other trainers is needed till now. Well thanks a lot dude.

P.S 40$ omg... I could buy Nev Vegas Ultimate for that money!

[Edited by Akulov, 2/16/2012 9:55:29 AM]

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