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Official Trainer Thread  Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Trainer
DJAlucard  posted on Feb 19, 2012 10:36:11 PM - Report post

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"there is now way there is no way" - FMA:Brotherhood
tides  posted on Feb 20, 2012 3:49:10 AM - Report post

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just wondering
how does infinite items work?
i tried it a little but it didn't seem to do anything
my crafting ingredients didnt change
i didnt craft anything thou but i did use the fate regent thingys
cbrpunk1  posted on Feb 20, 2012 10:09:31 AM - Report post

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originally posted by Caliber


1. regarding the multiply items, there is no way i can possibly know or catalog for a trainer all the possible stacking limits or special items that don't multiply properly while getting a trainer out quickly. its just not possible. keep in mind that trainers by their nature are forcing the game to do what it was not intended. i am not the programmer of the game, i am simply forcing the game's code to try and do what i wan't it to.

2. in a game like this it seemed essential to create a multiply items option since there is alot of crafting and alchemy in this game and you have to collect alot of crap

3. i selected a value of 10 since alot of items stacked to 10 and some items even stacked higher than that! notice that those items above 10 remain at their value.

4. apparently from what people are telling me the stacked heads cannot be deleted? can you not JUNK items and remove them from your inventory? if the game lets you collect certain items but then you cannot drop them later, this seems like a game mechanic issue.

5. with what was said in 4. above, i am not sure a SET ITEMS TO 1 option will be of help, since 55 deer heads when set to 1 will still probably occupy 11 or 12 spaces of single deer heads, based on what people are saying. is this not true? can you JUNK quest items when they are done? plus if we did this, then people would complain that thier 50 items of X got set to 1, etc.

6. there is no way to make a REMOVE ITEMS option. that is a game engine mechanic and this type of option, where an item is deleted from inventory, isn't going to probably work correctly.

I have some ideas about how to maybe use this option better to prevent unwanted problems.

1. First, SAVE YOUR GAME! Do this before modifying any items or using any options where you cannot UNDO them. Doesn't that sound smart?

2. Clear your JUNK bag. If it is truly for JUNK, then JUNK those items! Next, move items you want to multiply into the JUNK bag. Press the option key and enter the JUNK bag to multiply those items. Turn the option back off and then JUNK any extra or unwanted items and then move the other items back to your inventory.

I am sorry if some of you have unwanted problems from using the multiply option. As I said before, this seems like a necessary option for this game. I have gone over the reasons why it was created and some other info and also a possible solution for the future. If your game is hopelessly full inventory and there is no way to JUNK items from it, then I am not sure what to tell you for a solution.



This isnt a gripe, more of a acknowledgement. I just wanted to say thank you all the trainer, its quite handy to have.

yes, i have multiple antelope heads, and yes, they cannot be added to junk, sold, deleted, Turned into a helmet, or fed to angry kobolds. However im working around this in the meantime and completing other quests and having a fun time with the game, after all, that's what its all about, this and playing with the game physics. It is indeed a bug in the mechanics of the game by the looks of it as during the quest without the trainer i picked up 6 heads instead of the 4 i should have, and i read other posts on this as well for non-trainer users from other boards.

just wanted to let you know these are indeed quest items and the add items does directly affect, and multiply the heads to the point of a game crash, luckily i did reload where i only have 40 (and no longer using the unlimited items option)

whether you decide to take the time to locate how to remove the quest items or not, i just wanted to say we appreciate all of the hard work CH puts into their trainers, let alone how fast they are produced.

Again, thanks for all of the dedication, now off to kill some baddies.


tides  posted on Feb 20, 2012 10:35:46 AM - Report post

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i never bothered to sell the head since they hardly take any place but you can get more heads then you need for the quest..
the deers will drop the heads even if you've finished the quest and i got 2 more then what was required for the quest without using the trainer
anyway if you want to hack items yourself just use any memory editor and search
jarvawolf1  posted on Feb 21, 2012 5:54:41 AM - Report post

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yet another epic trainer from you guys keep up the good work
Xex  posted on Feb 22, 2012 11:25:24 AM - Report post

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Very good trainer like always thnx
leonil7  posted on Feb 22, 2012 1:38:24 PM - Report post

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oh boy, the trainer has multiplied my items that i cannot dispose of it. now the game crashes every time i open up the inventory/items..there is just too many items. cant even sell them in the shop.

can't finish the castle ansilla quest as this requires to open the items menu and drink the antidote.

any solution where you can just clear the items of duplicates?

Gwendor  posted on Feb 23, 2012 9:20:46 AM - Report post

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Thanks again for the trainer.

Using the Add/Remove level cheat, I can make the mobs harder in any zone simply by adding some level before entering the zone (then removing them just after getting in the zone ), as the system check your level when you first enter a zone to determine the level of the creatures in it. Same goes for dungeons and any zone (houses included). This determine also the level of the loot in chests or corpses.

So the best way is to add some levels and check if the mobs are not all red (too high for some player level) and have fun with the harder difficulty reinvented.

Of course the zone have a level range too, thus the mobs won't be above the level maximum of their zone but in dungeons their level is not capped.

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