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Rate the game
sirchet  posted on Jan 31, 2012 11:49:19 AM - Report post

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I played the PC demo and I couldn't help but feel as though the game was designed for a console system.

I don't care for the limited amount of exploration, you know ... only the certain path for the story is the only place you can walk.

I too am hoping I have formed my opinion too early, being it is based on a limited demo release and all.

I'll wait and see how other gamers review it before I shell out the ridiculous amount of cash expected for it.

AdmiralP  posted on Jan 31, 2012 12:03:18 PM - Report post

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As far as the demo goes, I am going 5/10. I understand that they are not trying to go toe-to-toe with Skyrim, but I can still compare the two... because in my opinion TES5 is what I am looking for in an RPG. Thus far KOA just seems to corny. I really wish that I had a better word for it... but I do not even know that it deserves a better description than corny. I may pick up this game down the line, but as of now... I do not feel that it will be worth it until Steam has it on sale for around $10 (likely near the end of the summer). By then I will likely have tapped out all that Skyrim and ME3 have to offer... and will just need something to fill the void.
the1396  posted on Jan 31, 2012 11:10:40 PM - Report post

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@comments saying you can not compare KOA to TES, frankyl i beg to differ. these are 2 open world do what you wish rpg's with many diffrent levels of customisation, while the setting and engines are uniquely diffrent that is what we are comparing.

this core of this argument is alot closer than wow is to runescape, EQ or even SWTOR yet theese games get compared all the time.

all in all both games have pros and cons and from a long history of RPG games it is very easy to see how certain elements of a engine can cause issues in long run and how certain flaws are overcome.

as for price tag idk i think its far, god knows ive paid more for less. i was never going to get game or even had it on radar except that i got ME3 goodies from it. now that i tried it i am def going to get.

game earns a straight 8/10 from me with def room to grow once full comes out.

in comparrision i am a TES fan and yet skyrim got a 7 once i played it because while nicer graphics the game left me disapointed by no magic at all(at least non that fitted a mage was generally shunned), engine was nearly identical to obliv and they went backwards with staff combat and archery was even worse than obliv. so as wise gamers say, you can make a good guess off a demo but the true value of a game comes its release and its first bugs.

Ravenitrius  posted on Feb 01, 2012 1:29:53 AM - Report post

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I rather not rate the demo at all since it is not a true representation of the final build of the game as stated by the developers. I play 15 minutes of it and decided to just wait for it to be released so I can enjoy it fully.
Foxxie-kun  posted on Feb 01, 2012 7:38:00 AM - Report post

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My friend actually knows and reads some of R.A. Salvatore's works, and he fell in love with the demo instantly. He doesn't pre-order games, he usually waits until the price drops or there's a good steam sale.

He's buying the game day-1.

As for me, of the two games coming out literally days before my birthday, I have no idea whether I want The Darkness 2, or Kingdoms of Amalur more. That's how much I expect of the game =D

narc780  posted on Feb 01, 2012 1:30:29 PM - Report post

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I don't know how you guys are rating a game from a demo. It could be a completely different experience for all you know. I think it's also fair to compare it to Skyrim since it is going for that open world RPG type of setting so I don't know what that guys problem is saying its like apples to bacon because its more like green apples to red apples. Salvatore's name being attached doesn't really mean much either. He hasn't written a good book since the 90s/early 2000s
Vladmis  posted on Feb 01, 2012 2:11:53 PM - Report post

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I give it a 7/10 But I hope the final product is much more polished.

I like the hack and slash style of the game KoA:R is much more of an Action game then RPG where The Elder Scrolls saga is much more RPG then Action, with all the emphasis on cave/dungeon crawles and skills.

KoA:R seems to be more like Dungeon Siege with emphasis on the abilities of a certain character type. Take the thief He/She would use daggers, stealth, and slight of hand (lockpick, Pickpocket) so the skill tree would show the dagger, stealth, and slight of hand abilities you can upgrade.

I will buy this game but I may wait and check out Cheapy D's site for the lowest prices.

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AustTraveller  posted on Feb 03, 2012 4:10:31 PM - Report post

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I can't even rate the game.... haven't been able to get pass the stage where you kill the tuatha with bow... the little gnome didn't want to open the gate.
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