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How is the game?
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    ardyisme posted on Jan 05, 2012 10:00:23 PM - Report post
    Why does bioware announce the worlwide release date and limit the release to 2 countries. It's not exactly worldwide is it? I live in Australia would love to play this game, however, we wont get it until who know since the Oceanic release date has yet to be veirfied...i understand that KOTOR has huge fan base (me included).
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    fullmetal5550_old posted on Jan 05, 2012 11:29:15 PM - Report post
    I am loving The Old Republic so far. I have made five characters and amazingly they are all within five levels of each other.
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    omega12008 posted on Jan 19, 2012 9:30:15 PM - Report post
    I agree. its a very good game.

    the startup is good and the foundation is better.

    sadly they took out some content i was looking forward to but its alright. they'll bring it back if enough people keep playing the game.

    i have to say the only thing that irks me is that people are all saying 'its a wow rip off'

    they said the same thing about Warhammer 40k space marine being a GOW Rip off.

    its sad how people will compare a game to another game that mainstreams the concept they put forth.

    its getting to the point where i just want to punch my friend everytime he says 'oh your playing that wow rip off again? didn't you hear its dying?'

    yeah like i care?

    its a good game. it won't die for a while.

    just wish i had more time to play it. :|
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    infinite_gamer posted on Jan 20, 2012 12:35:34 AM - Report post
    People who hate on SWTOR and compare it to WOW are just trolls.Plain and simple.Or they never even played or given it a chance.

    SWTOR is a GREAT MMO.And,a GREAT stand-alone game as well.
    the single player story,even though it's online is great.
    The lore is excellent.
    And,btw,tell you friend it's not dying.It is in fact getting an expansion due soon.
    I love this game!!!
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    techowl posted on Feb 09, 2012 4:39:03 AM - Report post
    originally posted by infinite_gamer

    Despite people comparing this game to WOW...It is NOT.
    Yes,it is similiar and has similiar aspects.It is an MMO.
    I would compare it to Mass Effect if i was to compare it to anything.
    It has a great solo quest/story-line to each of the eight classes.
    It has great lore as well.
    If you liked KOR,will will like TOR.
    Iam personaly enjoying this game Alot.
    As far as the online,classes,and online play,it is similiar to WOW.
    IMO get it.

    i might not have read all the posts after this but WOW and swtor is just normal mmo they have alot of the same things but Swtor is much better every mission has a cutscene you can answer you character has a voice a story all the good stuff WOW doesnt im not surprised if wow lose their players to swtor

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