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Did we get shafted with ACR ???
Skyheart  posted on Dec 04, 2011 5:33:31 PM - Report post

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originally posted by Shirakani

There's a reason I didn't buy this game. Sure, you can say there's 'new ****', but most of it is the expected mechanics upgrade like hook zipline and what not, there's always LITTLE mechanics upgrades.

In terms of story content? It's way too short a game. They try to pad out the length by deliberate MMO style time wasting elements. The whole LETS PLAY TOWAR DEFANSE! crap is nothing but a deliberate timewaster. Likewise with the medeterranian defense crap requiring time to just PASS... Reminds me of some MMO's where in order to craft something, you have to AFK and let time pass... oh wait, that's called content right? Pfft.

Not impressed with this AC... Sure, what story content there is in the game IS GOOD, lets be fair, the story content that exists is very good... but the entire game is not worth full price. Obviously this should have been the '2nd half of Brotherhood'... Brotherhood and this should have been sold together as one game... but... meh, typical of any big game that gets successful, they cut it into bits to sell and milk as much cash as possible.

Here's hoping AC3 will be a 'full' AC game again. But like with this game, I won't be buying it until I'm sure it's a full game.

I can't argue with the last line of your comment, and the last point you made about big games. It's something I've thought of myself. Kind of what's that sound I hear? Oh, just Ubisoft milking another cow.

However, I have to say I disagree on the MMO-type fleshing out features. Skyrim was guilty of that heavily, with the mindless go-here-kill-that-bring-this-back quests, but not AC. Not yet anyway.

The Tower Defense game is completely avoidable if you're quick enough. I've only played it the first time where you have to play it, but after that I pay off heralds quick enough to avoid having to do it again. Also, the Mediterranean Defence is no different than the assassin missions in Brotherhood. It'd make a poor timewaster since you don't spend much time on it. It's just a way to level up your assassins quicker than calling on them in a pinch.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I've been playing the game for ten hours now and I've only just started the third sequence. Not because I'm just slow, but because I've been exploring, getting DNA fragments to unlock Desmonds' memories, trying to find the Memoirs pages to unlock a hidden location, etc etc. There's still plenty to do, which yes, may be timewasters, but they're effective and AC is hardly the only one guilty of including timewasters in their games.

@DigitalIP: I wouldn't base your opinion solely on the first game. To be perfectly honest I didn't much like it either- even the story of the first was a bit weak, but mostly because it's setting up the scene for the series. I didn't even get half way through and watched the ending on YouTube. ACII However really picked up and couldn't stop playing it. If it's cheap on sale again, I'd really give II a go.

[Edited by Skyheart, 12/4/2011 5:37:51 PM]

42N8Son  posted on Dec 04, 2011 8:55:44 PM - Report post

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I was just saying that $49.99 is a lot to pay for a story. Gameplay and graphics are actually what most gamers prefer according to most gamer polls when it comes to games. But a lot of gamers do tie the story elements into the gameplay though I realize.

But when I think of gameplay, I think of options, abilities, free roaming factor, and much of AC is the same ole same ole each time. They may add a new gameplay feature or two with each release but for the sake of argument - the gameplay feels oddly familiar with each release. The graphics don't appear to be any better this time IMHO.

I don't doubt that many folks enjoy the AC story. I do too! But shelling out $49.99 to get a complete story that would fit into a small book (probably under 150 pages) is very expensive.

I do think story elements are important (I never said they weren't) but I think the gameplay element is the most important feature for a game. For instance, I've played many games and if the gameplay isn't good (ie. bad controls, camera, stability, etc) then WTF good is the story going to be when I'm frustrated all the time with the gameplay? Many games I haven't ever been able to complete because the gameplay was seriously lacking and atrocious.

The AC series does have decent gameplay but it always feels the same to me each time. Run, jump, and button mash to fight. These games have always felt "consoleish" to me.

Who knows, maybe it's just me? I am getting old and gaming is getting less and less attractive to me sadly. I just feel like $49.99 for this is a bit excessive for what you get and just to finish the story. And the absolute worst thing about supporting story driven games is this - you allow the developer to milk you dry! I can not stand a developer that can't come up with something new and exciting only to string me along with the same old game with an extension to the story. I always hated that in TV sitcoms and movies that used to say "To be continued". Err, that drove me nuts!

Now you say they're planning on milking it some more with a female character instead? Not sure I like that idea either. Reminds me of the Karate Kid movies from the 80s. The first and second movie were great. Then they killed it by beating the dead horse by having a female Karate Kid movie that was just lame as hell. And then they recently brought it back once more with a black kid. For the love of God - please don't ever make another Karate Kid movie people. At least spice it up. Make a movie called "Karate Elderly" or something with an 85 year old nursing home patient who gets mad because some other patient stole his peas! Now THAT might be worthy of my money!

PS - Didn't we already have a version of this game PRIOR to all AC games with a female assassin? Thought it was called BloodyRayne? Even had the Eagle vision and a bunch of other vision modes to slow down time and see through walls.

[Edited by 42N8Son, 12/4/2011 9:04:27 PM]

infinite_gamer  posted on Dec 04, 2011 9:47:36 PM - Report post

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1) I can't believe you compared the karate kid to AC.
2) BloodRayne is NOTHING like AC. gameplay or story.
3) Your playing a game that is made for CONSOLES. So,it feeling "consoleish" as you say is more than justified.

I'm not trying to be an ass,or trying to spark anything.
I just disagree with the fact that you state that most gameplayers prefer gameplay to story driven games.

yes,i agree with you that gameplay and game mechanics are important.But,overall,IMO i think story is what drives at least me into playing more.No matter how redundant it get's.

What i think most people don't understnd is that Brotherhood,And revelations are not sequels. They are Ezios and Altiers end.And,with that in mind there has to be someone to take over the CONTINUING story.And,why not a female Assassin?

This was the general thinking for DAO DA2 as well(I won't get into that,just saying they were NOT sequels)
And,i personaly don't think the developers are "milking" anyone just yet.They are continuing a very enthralling story.
As,with DAO,God of War,Deus Ex,ect.

SiGNe74  posted on Dec 05, 2011 4:14:27 PM - Report post

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This is also an interesting article that might reveal the next location: Link

personally i think the spanish conquistadors suits Assassin's Creed best since the conquest of south-america also involved the search for the holy grail and other religious artifacts.
Although Russia could be a cool setting too.

[Edited by SiGNe74, 12/5/2011 4:17:39 PM]

Skyheart  posted on Dec 05, 2011 9:43:50 PM - Report post

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The solution to feeling shafted over price vs content is not to buy games at launch. No one's making you buy it at a particular time, so wait for a few months and the price will come down considerably in some places. Though if you're playing on a console it may not change all that much unless you buy pre-owned, and that's down to being console versions more than the developer..

I hear people argue about how consoles are better because they're cheaper than building a gaming PC, but really... when you look at the price of games, in the long run, building a PC is definitely cheaper. But I digress. Basically if you don't want to pay the price tag, don't buy at launch.

As for the next location I want something new... Istanbul/Constantinople has the same feeling as the cities you visit in AC, and we had Italy in both ACII and Brotherhood. Let's have something completely new, with a style completely different from previous games.

I think England would make a good location to be honest, and not because I live there before someone accuses me of that, but because we're such a small country, our cities and towns are packed fairly tightly together, added to the variety of sizes and architecture of different buildings, it'd make a great location for running/jumping around. Japan would be good too, but it depends on whether or not Ubisoft are sticking to a general location rather than worldwide.

I hope they continue with the trend of going forwards with the timeline, i.e. AC was set during the crusades and ACII was set during the 14/1500's. Something Victorian would be good.

Imdak  posted on Dec 06, 2011 2:11:06 AM - Report post

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I bought mine at cdon.com's holiday sale, for half price, totally worth 21euro.
I usually wait to buy the most of my games when they get a little cheaper or on sales. You feel so cheated when you buy a game at release and they put out a lot of dlc to it and a half year later you get all the dlc and the game for the half price.
FlexRe  posted on Dec 06, 2011 12:31:44 PM - Report post

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Wait for price to go down is easier said than done.. as soon as i see the game i want to buy it goes on my calendar lol for games like Skyrim i even had "Countdown" going for like 4 months before release haha
Lizml86  posted on Dec 06, 2011 4:38:04 PM - Report post

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Dragon Age II Part deux anyone?

I am reading the same complaints and arguments. lol

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