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Can someone explain this ripping to me?
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    Neo7 posted on Oct 27, 2011 5:46:35 PM - Report post
    No not trainer ripping. This has to do with Apple Inc. In case you don't read technological news here is the absolute basic thing:

    Apple sued Samsung of allegedly copying the shell design of the iPad for one of their Galaxy tabs which initiated a massive patent war between the two (with Apple having design while Samsung having networking stuff). This has led to a nasty series of attempts to use the justice system of various countries to ban one another.

    Most people know what an iPad looks like. Here's the accused device (Galaxy Tab 10.1): Link

    What really confuses me is that Apple is going after Samsung (an electronics giant) when companies like below not only "rip" Apple's design but downright replicate it (an impressive design replication with the worlds worst OS).

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    latios_power posted on Oct 27, 2011 5:58:35 PM - Report post
    Samsung being "an electronic giant" makes it a "giant competitor" to Apple, while other companies doesn't cause that much of a threat. In short they hit the big target.
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